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2010 Election Sign Designs


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I'll say right off that this is the first thread I've started as a member of this board. I've held back for over two years now and waited for something worthy to discuss that was not already out there. (Oh, if only other new members could do the same...)

Political signs have always caught my attention, and with many seats opening both locally and statewide, they have taken over the area this year. With a primary election tomorrow, many of these signs are about to disappear forever.

I also had to share this jewel that I noticed for the first time today:


Stacey Campfield, TN State Senate candidate for Knoxville. Obviously, it speaks for itself. (Local news story on it)

With the midterms coming up, I figured someone else had to be interested also, and that there could be a place where we share images (or site screenshots) of well designed, poorly designed, or even ripoffs like the one above (though most ripoffs are of well-known previously used designs) from our respective areas.

The best I've seen,

Zach Wamp, candidate for Governor of Tennessee, and his jammed Serpentine look:

Designed by the Stoneridge Group, whose website displays other great work


The worst IMO,

Mike McWherter, the only Democratic candidate for Governor:


Also, in my county, we had a candidate for Road Superintendent that used a powder blue sign with plain, thin green text. (Too late to provide pictures) Needless to say, the fool lost by a landslide in the May primary.

These do not reflect who I support, and I'd like to think this won't turn into "My candidate's sign is the best because...".


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I'm 23, and someone I went to high school with is already running for the Delegate seat here in Bethesda, MD. He's got a very attractive graphics package for a first-time politician...



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