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  1. Found this at a new location being build nearby...but no further indication that this is really happening. Looks better in my opinion!
  2. Do we have to keep posting videos of the Bullets/Wizards losing in the last minute in big games? Yeesh...being there for all of them was bad enough. ICYMI, the US Air Arena people accidentally released confetti when the Bullets missed the last shot in the 1997 game against MJ and the Bulls. Yep.
  3. Looking for the font that's used in the new primary for the Nats and by Vitamin World...
  4. Where can I find the following templates?
  5. two wizards' all-stars with golden state: 'tawn and gil
  6. chuck finley as a cardinal:
  7. how about nats' first baseman nick johnson as a yankee: that trade sucked too
  8. and johnny damon WITHOUT HAIR!!! check this out: unbelievable...too bad that he STILL looks like an idiot
  9. sir sidney ponson with the giants lookin very happy: kenny lofton with the cubs: tino martinez with the cards: and my man, david dellucci on the yanks in the fall classic:
  10. david ortiz with the twins:
  11. phil mickelson with the toledo mud hens: and aaron boone with the yanks:
  12. i was told to not stop until i got enough, so i won't stop yet... here's rick helling and damian moss with the os
  13. jay gibbons as a jay: marty cordova joins him in toronto gear: and where tony batista wasn't a bird - - in arizona (at far right):
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