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Great so far!

I did some CCBL concepts a while ago, they are expansion rather than renovation of current teams. I didn't really make good logos, I concentrated on the uniforms.


nice concepts very creative, if i have time i think im gonna expand as well. btw what template did you use for those uni's? i cant find a good one

It was posted here a while ago idk how to get it now.



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I like what you did with the league logo. But I would pull in both "Baseball" and "League" so that they aren't overlapping the border.

Also, with the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox, try and find a more unique font to go inside the ring around the graphic.


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Most of these aren't concepts so much as a simple cleaning-up of what these teams already use.

yeah that's the point its revamped

To be honest, much of these aren't being revamped, but only changed slightly, if at all.

The Wareham Gatemen is a downgrade in my opinion. While the W isn't a unique typeface, the one you switched to is basically the Red Sox font. The colors and text in the outer circle is also not an improvement.

While the YD Sox need some serious help, first off by getting rid of the White Sox logo and replacing is with something more resembling the Red Sox. Makes sense given their new "partnership". Again, the text is a downgrade and isn't proportional to the curves of the circle. I don't see the need for two different shades of red in the design. The colors, again like the typeface, are a downgrade. Especially with them being so close to your new Gatemen colors.

The Whitecaps B you've designed is too similar to the Bourne Braves cap insignia, sans the feather. The colors are also a bit too muted, and blend together.

Where's the change in the Harwich design? Minus the new stitching and curves on the H.

Overall, I don't see much improvement in any of these, but keep working, you'll get it.

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Nice Logos, very clean and sharp. I think the Warham Gatemen logo is by far the best, even though it not much different then the orginal the new one has some minor tweaks that just make it perfect! So please don't chang that one! Love the B logo for the whitecaps, but needs more, maybe a color change (too light right now) but i don't think its anything like the Bourne Braves B, not sure what speedy is talking about there, as for Harwich, you need to do a little more there, not much a change. And the Y-D one if anything add a sox and replace the cape cod map. but i do think the two different reds complent each other considering they are the REDsox, maybe get rid of the blue, too much blue in all the logos. Cant wait to see the Cotuit Kettleers logo when you get to it after all they are the 2010 champs!!!!!!!!!

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