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After giving it some thought, I'm leaning toward adding 'Field Art' as an event. However, I can't decide whether to make it the 14th event, or to replace one of the other events. I'm willing to replace 'Consumer Product', since I'm not really fond of any of the criteria sets I've come up with for it (I'm happy with the other 12 events).

I'll let you guys decide. Whatever the consensus is after a few days will be implemented.

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I saythe more the merrier add more events if you can this is going to be real fun. I may enter some of my fanatsy concepts in there. Even though I know I likely wont win Im not as good I just wnat to participate.



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I think eliminating likely a less-'hot' topic such as Commercial Product may increase interest in the whole contest. As great as it sounds right now, I fear that people will lose interest after a while (it might not happen, but lest we forget Canmerica...), and keeping the amount of events down and the quality of events up is a good way to combat that.

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I say do whatever you want WiB... You are organizing it... I think it was great that you let us decide, but it seems to me that we all would be happy with anything. It's not like I'm gonna win any event anyways :)


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