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Someday, I'll do some other European hockey team. Thing is, there are many directions I feel I can take Jokerit in, and it's been a few years, give or take. One thing's for sure, I wouldn't do anything similar to this for Kolner Haie or MoDo, I'll tell ya that.

Without further ado, we got jokes. In Finnish. :hockeysmiley:


Since my old pc died on me, I had to redo my J and wordmark, and today I decided to tweak it a bit more before realizing I had yet to use it recently. And in case you're wondering, none of these jerseys resemble anything in my last Jokerit set...and about the sponsors, I have no idea what ads are on the real jerseys this season, so I used a hodgepodge of sponsors past. And as I don't exactly like including em on concepts, don't expect me to change em around. Anyways, I was thinking a take on the Habs stripe for the home and away, and then three-color checkerboard for the third (inspired by, oddly enough, a flag I saw a St. Kilda barracker was waving during the AFL Grand Final replay). UCLA's blue was added as a trim color. So what say you about it?

hey, at least I didn't bring back purple and green :hockeysmiley:

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These are pretty sweet! I've always really liked Jokerit's logo and your wordmark looks great. I don't like all the adds European teams wear, but the way you placed them is tastefully done. The checkers are crazy, but actually work. I hope you do make a few more European concepts. I think quite a few of the Finnish and Swedish teams could have a lot of potential.

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Your style really lends itself well to Jokerit. That's the first thing I thought before I even saw your concept. And yet, it's even better then I thought it could be. I think the striping on the sleeves and the body is just brilliant! I like the home jersey the best of the three. I think the one thing that sets it off the best is the thick dark blue stripe between the lighter blue and the red/yellow. I think using that idea with the away, using a thick white stripe instead of the dark blue again, is the only improvement that I could suggest. And that's just my opinion.

Overall, this is up to and beyond your typical standards, Discrim. Great stuff!

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