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Jacksonville Jaguars Logo Concept


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Very good start, for sure. Some things I would give attention to:

- the back hump is a bit excessive

- the tail could use some touching up and smoothing out

- the spot pattern could be a little less predictable and copy/paste-ish

- while i like attention on the nails, they too seem to be excessive

Overall, I do like it so far- just maybe for another team?

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I love it, except for two things:

-The claws seem to be too extended. I dunno if that's part of the jaguar's anatomy to have such protruding claws, but if it is, it's still a little too much.

-The spot pattern is bugging me for some reason.

Other than that, hats off sir. :grin:

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overall it's ok. some of the outlines seems a little jagged, but if your trying to go with a new look for the jags, this is way too similar to the full body jaguar logo they have already. plus i think a head logo would look better on a helmet than a whole body. but that said, it has two glaring things that i think need fixed:

1. the claws. they are way to big and dont look like cat-claws in any way. more like a mutant cat

2. the head seems slightly two small and it might help if the ears pointed up out of the head.

it has a nice physic for the most part and is intimidating. it's a good start and just needs smaller claws in my mind.

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