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College Football Concepts


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These are my first football concepts I have ever done, just getting used to inkscape.


For Iowa, I used the old style helmet with the script and tried to keep a consistent striping to the jersey. By no means do I want the Hawkeyes to switch their jerseys anytime if the forseeable future, because they are perfect as is, but this would be a nice change of pace if Nike does decide to give the Hawks pro combats.


Iowa needed somebody to play, so I decided to pick Minnesota because they can do so much more with their jerseys. For the striping on the sleeve, I used the striping from their hockey teams jersey because they have such a classic look. Same goes for the gold helmet and maroon pants. I also used the gopher on the pants because that logo doesn't get used as much as it should.


Next up was Illinois, because I hate how modern their jerseys are and that just doesn't fit with the Big Ten. So I gave them a much more traditional look.


So for Purdue, I wanted to give them a white helmet and gave them a little bit of a modern look since it was a pro combat template.


Getting out of the Big Ten, I decided to go with Oklahoma State just because of their cowboy logo, so I decided to put that on the helmet.

I might post more later, these were just something I quick did. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

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I love the Iowa concept, looks really good and I like how you separated them from the Steelers.

Minnesota would probably look better with a maroon helmet, and I think you should try something more modern with them like piping. Also the gopher head on the pants doesn't really look too good.

Illinois looks too much like Syracuse, I would include some more white at least.

Purdue looks good, it would look better with a black helmet IMO.

I like what you did for Oklahoma State's helmet and pants but I think you should make the striping on the jerseys match the pants better.

Overall these look really good!

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Ok I was sick today so here is another 2 ideas.


For Colorado, I just wanted to give them a little bit of a traditional look while keeping their look still modern. I took the striping for the sleeve from their 80's set, gave them a gold jersey.


With Rutgers, I gave them a vintage white jersey, to keep with the tradition of the school, and just kept the color throughout.

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