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Doug Gilmour


Does Dougie have a chance to get in the HoF?  

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Before you ask, yes, I got the idea from ICS's thread about Vinny. The whole thing got me to thinking about the only Maple Leaf that I ever really cared about, Doug Gilmour. Always a guy who played with his heart on his sleeve, he's been a true fan favorite in Ontario for years. Now thats he's finished his career, should he be considered for a spot in the Hockey Hall of Fame? (I'm of the school of thought that he would still be around if a team offered him the chance, he'd play till his legs fell off)

A few of his stats-

1474 regular season games

450 G - 964 A - 1414 pts

182 playoff games- 187 pts.

Stanley Cup with with Calgary in 1989, Toronto's all time point getter (unless SUndin has surpased him lately and I missed it)

For me, it's favoritism wanting himmnm to get in, but in the end, has he had a Hall of Fame career?

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If Federko's in, Killer has to be...

But more than his stats was the way he played the game--a fierce competitor, and clutch player in addition to the stats...

If I were voting on it, when he's eligible--I would vote for him.

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Gilmour is in 1414 points and the Leafs frnachise record holder that right there is all you need to know. The Leafs are a cornerstone franchise and holding taht record is a big deal.



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Apparently he didn't end with the Blues on great terms, but eh.

It was a very odd scenario. A shame, he was really an up-and-comer in his time with the Blues.

I think Gilmour deserves HoF consideration when he comes up for eligibility.

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I'd love to see him in. I was always surprised at the respect that the Leafs always showed to #93. each time he was back in town for a game with another team, they would show him on the scoreboard and pay tribute to him, and everyone in the arena would cheer. the only other guy who could get a reaction like that in an opposing team's colours is Wendel Clark. I've got my fingers crossed for him

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