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The uniform experiment in an article!


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Hey guys, long time no hear from the Uniform Experiment, but check this out! Free publicity!

Uniform Article

The Uniform Experiment (uniformexperiment.deep-ice.com): Think you can design a better uni? So do plenty of other people, several of whom have posted a few dozen of their baseball, football, hockey, and basketball designs on this site. The results range from appealing to appalling, but the overriding sense of possibilities is oddly addictive.

And designers, if you're out there and wish to help with our pretty much dead site, please e-mail me at brianprice26@hotmail.com

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i have a couple interesting designs i am releasing this week, so if you want to use those or anything else i've done, drop me a line.  that said, i nominate me, snowcap, and the rest of yall


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull­čĄČ

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