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A B A Update...

Brian in Boston

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Okay, let's see if we've got this straight...

The ABA has - thus far - announced 18 expansion franchises for next season. Of these, 8 teams have announced names and unveiled logos: the Boston Frenzy, Gwinnett Gwizzlies, Jacksonville Wave, Kentucky Colonels (Louisville), Motown Jammers (Detroit), Minot City Freeze, Pittsburgh Hardhats and Portland Reign.

Another 4 teams have announced their names, but have yet to reveal what their logos will look like (thank heaven for small favors): the Arkansas RimRockers (Little Rock), New Jersey Jaguars (Mahwah), Pensacola Aviators and Reno Rockers.

The remaining (for now) 6 expansion teams haven't unveiled any part of their identity packages: Charlotte, Cincinnati, Hermosillo (Mexico), Hershey, Nashville and Vancouver.

Does that about size things up, or have I missed anything?

Brian in Boston

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