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a couple hockey concepts


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Alright, something old, something new....first the something new

Ottawa 67's: I had a few ideas and decided to roll with em. Even though I hear the killer puck logo wasn't well liked, I figured I'd use it as the main crest. Cus I liked it, dammit. The Ottawa script is my own creation.


Americans: heh, it's been a while, and I figured I'd dust off the NY torch once again.



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That Americans work up is a thing of beauty. That's the Discrim style that we know and love! (Well, I do.) The sleeve stripes and the shoulder patch are what does it for me. I love the switch of stars and stripes from one to the other. Very cool stuff there.

As for the 67's, I like the "67's" logo. I think the "Ottawa" wordmark would look better without the 67 in the O. I like the home and away though, seemingly influence by Aussie rules (to my eyes at least).

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That Ottawa wordmark is GOLD!!!! I love the use of the 67 in the negative space, and how it blends into the tower. A lot more streamlined and pleasant to the eye then the Sens' attempt way back in the day.


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