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T-Shirt Designs


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I'm currently working on 2 t-shirt designs for my social club (read: co-ed fraternity/sorority at school) Gamma Tau Omega. I just thought I'd post these here for a bit of feedback and advice when it comes to designing t-shirts.

This first design is for our Makin' Music show. Makin' Music is one of the biggest events at Freed-Hardeman Univ., and it consists of 7-minute shows put on by each of the social clubs on campus. Each show's story is written by the club's Makin' Music Directors and is told through parodies of popular songs. Just for reference, here is the synopsis for our show "Hat Trick."

Audiences line up for miles to see the world's most prestigious Magician and his grand illusions. His flawless Tricks and Magic Hat have stunned the minds of millions for years! But what happens when an equally magic Kidnapper decides to interfere during the show? Will the magnificent Magician be stuck in Wonderland? Or will he be able to salvage his show and save his oddly familiar Volunteer? Watch closely as Gamma Tau Omega presents "Hat Trick!"

I tried to represent most of the characters in the shirt design. The top design will go on the front and features the White Rabbits, Queens of Hearts, and the Magician's Scarves. The bottom design features the hat of the Mad Hatter.


This next design is for our upcoming fundraiser: an intramural Quidditch tournament! The lion is FHU's athletic logo; everything else (non-font) was hand-drawn.


So, what do you think? The designs are pretty much final, but I would still like whatever critiques y'all are willing to give. I especially need tips on how to create designs that are optimized to look good on a t-shirt.

NOTE: The colors in both graphics are quite darker than they were before I uploaded them on Photobucket. I also apologize for the HUGE-ness of the pics.

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