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So for a graphic design class, we had to make a company and a logo. My partner's and my company is Jet Athletics. it is a company like Nike or Reebok. The class is for starter designers and the teacher doesn't expect much so these are kind of rough. Normally I was smooth out a lot of these lines.

I'm posting this because I know a lot of people like to see how people progress their logos. So here is our process. We are still working on it and some more ideas. I'm not really looking for CC, but I'd take it. Again these are just ideas and not fully thought out. These were done in about 20 minutes each (the sketch ideas, and then each logo).

So we started out with sketches. We had to get 10. I took the best 6 and retraced them to this image.


This was my first idea. It's still pretty rough. I've been having fun with beveling lately :D I stopped working on this because the teacher liked the next one better. He said this was "too edgy" and looked like a skateboard company. He said to focus on the other one so I did and stopped work on it.


The next one was our final one (well for this part of the assignment). I've been loving beveling, and just discovered the shear tool :D.


I couldn't get these to scan right, so i guess this is all you get. There are a lot of variations on this idea. I like this one the best. Still working on this design, but I like the others better.


Again, I'm not really too INTO these logos, and not looking to put a lot of effort into fixing them but I just wanted to share our ideas and process, and then get some of your thoughts and ideas :). Let me know if there is anything else you want to see from our process (lots of rough drafts) and I'll get them up.


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The bottom set is the most powerful because it doesn't rely on outlines and bevels. Look at the logos for Reebok, Nike, adidas, etc. All are basically silhouettes.

Your logo has a better chance of being an iconic logo if it can be simplified to one color. Beveling, shading and coloring can enhance it depending on the application, but the original should be as plain and bold (sounds contradictory I know) as possible.

I think you should emphasize the "J" more anyway. Russell Athletics just uses an R. New Balance just uses an N. You don't need to include "Athletics" (or both words in general) in the icon itself.

If you want to spell out the word, why not take the J in the lower set and flip it, then put the three "E" lines in between? You'd play up the symmetry, which I think makes an even more powerful and memorable logo.

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