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Winterhawks concept


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I'm working on a logo for one of the teams in my fantasy hockey league (shameless plug, link in my signature). The team is called the Winterhawks, a bird that does not actually exist, but it's a hawk nonetheless. I started with a base, body, wings, borrowed the feet gripping the hockey stick from the Springfield Falcons logo, as well as the basic head and beak shape from the Emory University Eagles because I felt it fit well with the look I was going for. I plan on tweaking both more to make them my own.

I like the start I have so far, but I'm stuck on the level of detail I should include. I have a basic idea, light source from the upper left adding highlights to the top of the wings and head, top of the stick, etc. The tail is a start at what I was thinking for the wings, but it isn't accurate to my light source. I need your help! Any ideas, source images, example logos of birds in a similar "spread eagle" pose would be helpful.

The "owner" of the team is pretty set on the color scheme; navy, deep yellow/athletic gold, and silver/grey.



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The head is so rounded and smooth with lines/curves, then the wings and feathers are harsh angles..

Id try to match one with the other, preferably the wings to match the head.

It kind of reminds me of a bird head on a batman logo. The first one's shoulder portion was much better IMO. And overall I like the first one better as it seems to have more potential..

Ive had this same discussion with our team logo. The feathers should spread out like fingers, the outmost being the longest and working in gradually getting shorter.

Look at the wings of any of these examples to see what Im talking about..


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and now for some constructive criticism.

I would say that your wings got better and your head got worse with this last update. I liked the eye just like you had it. The thing that bothers me is that the wings are not symmetrical.I would copy the left wing, and flip it and use it for the right wing. It looks like you might have already done that, but for some reason the last spike on the right wing is missing. is that because of the hockey stick being there and it messing with that? I still think it would look better with that last spike on the wing.

I also think you can straighten out the spikes on his tail feathers. as you can see, the spikes aren't consistent. you should maybe make a triangle and repeat that shape to get the dimensions right. the stroke on them is not consistent either.

Shouldn't his hands be reversed? I'm no zoologist, but his "thumbs" look like they are on the wrong side. I think you should flip the hands to the other side because now that I see it, I can't stop looking at it. lol.

and lastly, what if you brought back the detail on the top of the head, but you connected it with the wing detail on the left wing? so it would go down the back of his neck and then connect there?

I would really like to see an update because this is looking good.


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