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Big East Lacrosse


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After watching all the college lacrosse recently I noticed how terrible the uniforms are. There is no originality. So I thought it'd be fun to use some creativity with these.







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I think these are a good start but think they're too reliant on the basketball teams looks. Syracuse IMO is hard to develop because they gave up their unique marks for the block S and atrox letters on their uniforms. I was hoping for some more outrageous looks ala the old MLL sets.

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Well done chapeeko I like the Blue Demons set though imo they should have Red in thier sets.

Not in request thread but can you do a North Dakota set (not college) for me any colours you want and design. :grin:

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You want outrageous? You will get outrageous.

Okay time for some background on this one.

#4 West Virginia Mountaineers

I found my initial inspiration was from the stripes of their current football jerseys. Then I added some anthracite, which makes sense because it is a type of coal. Since the Mountaineers have been going with the coal miner look in football it made sense. Though I darkened th anthracite to match the real thing more. Next I looked for some real creativity. I used some features from the pro combat uniform such as the coal pattern, though I just made a black-anthracite gradient. I made the yellow stripes have a white fade to make it look like a flashlight. On the shorts I just made a flashlight beam design with the gradient. On the chest I extended the WV logo to connect with the arm design. For the helmet I drew inspiration from a miner's helmet. The front of the mask has a yellow-white fade to represent the light on a miner's helmet. On the cage I put the anthracite-black gradient again to portray the coal on a miner's face when he gets out. So that's about it. Let me know what you think. Thanks.


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