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Colorado Avalanche concept jersey


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I actually think this could work! Believe it or not, i think the part of the jersey that needs to be toned down is the shoulder/sleaves. Obviously the chest/wraparound logo is a little out there, but if the shoulders and sleaves were much more subtle (think hurricanes) then it might all come together.

Also, check the outline pattern of the numbers, it should probably match the wordmark.

Black pants with this?

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This has a very "Turn Ahead the Clock" feel to it... I kinda sorta like it. I think regular-size numbers on the back would still work and not detract too much from the wraparound logo. Great concept, though!


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It's not exactly game-ready, but I like it. You kept the current colors and logo (which I love), and the implementation of the logo into the jersey is definitely something "out there" that the NHL could use these days. If I had to make a suggestion it would be firstly to make the "Colorado" smaller--it's just too overwhelming especially with the logo. The second thing would be that the back needs to be cleaned up, the "swoosh" (whatever you want to call it) doesn't flow at all with the shoulder elements. The back numbers need to be made larger and brought up a little bit--I see what you were trying, but I think the numbers could go on top of the logo and still be fine.

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There's another one that's very similar that was just posted, so i'm giving you the same advice I gave them. I told them to shrink the crest enough that it looks like a crest (though it would probably be sublimated), and then start the snowtrail from the bottom of the collar on the side opposite where the trail comes from. It should look like a stripe across the back, but happens to curve upwards. You've kinda deviated from their idea more than I thought, coming back and looking at this again. This is MUCH more turn-ahead-the-clock-like than theirs.

I think you ought to have the snow start below the collar still, so just stretch that up a bit, and you probably should tone down the shoulder/sleeve stripes a bit (because it's all a lot to take in). I like the white striping (it continues that whole "rushing snow" feel) but there's probably too much blue. Though perhaps the blue at the ends of the sleeves could stick around, maybe just eliminate the stripe that touches the collar.

There seems to be an outline around the number, it's almost orange-ish, and should probably be addressed.

Maybe switch around the direction of the shoulder logos. They always faced the opposite ways. Actually, why not continue the "out there" theme of this jersey and face them forward, like the yeti was running the same direction as the player?

Sleeve numbers would be nice (and would be much easier without the shoulder stripe). I can buy the front number in this situation (though I usually never like them), but you should also think of perhaps arching the COLORADO and eliminating them.

As a traditionalist, I can't believe I'm taking a concept like this so seriously, but really, I think there's something here...maybe not a full-time jersey, but a really awesome one-off. Keep at it, tinker with your concept and debate which suggestions of ours you like, and post updates. Welcome to the board!

EDIT: you already updated the numbers on the back. sorry about writing so much!

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Heh, great minds think alike, I suppose. You executed the snow trail better than me, I think. The connected sleeve stripe and yoke is a bit over the top and distracts from the uniqueness of the wraparound crest. With some improvements, this is a solid concept.

heh, have you done something like this before? Once i thought of this idea i was sure it had been done before, and I even did a quick search :P

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