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Tampa Bay Lightning Concept


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This is my first concept in a long time, and it's nothing too spectacular.

Tampa really missed the boat on their last two redesigns. They were always so close yet so far to a great design. The original jerseys had potential, then they downgraded those and the logos with the first redesign, and then with the latest one they majorly upgraded the logo, but downgraded the uniforms to a clean and simple, yet annoyingly similar-to-Toronto-and-Detroit look.

I looked back in time and took some of my favorite things from their uniform history, took some liberties, and came up with this...


The home jersey is black again, and the arched nameplates are back. The rest of the jerseys are a cleaned-up and simplified version of the original ones, abandoning the shoulder yolk, preserving the lightning bolt on the pants, and I brought back silver as an accent, as well as keeping the current crest since it is their best.

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Great design. However, I'd lose the arched nameplate. Not only because it doesn't work with that font and jersey, but it would only increase the Wings comparison. Also, as mentioned above, the black kind of bleeds onto the blue; a thin silver/grey stripe inbetween would go a long way. Also, great work putting the outline on the logo. It's a small, but effective change.

EDIT: The logo looked better without the double-outline.

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Couple minor changes, taking suggestions. Removed arch in nameplate, and added silver outlines. It does feel more "complete" now.


I'm going to add a blue third, but I want to go in a completely different direction with it. Working on that now.

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