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College to Pro: FCS edtiion


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Previously in the C2P series: Rose Bowl

Go figure...I get in the Rose Bowl set before the game, yet the FCS set well after North Dakota State's raised their trophy. Oh well, without all that much ado I bring you...


From the App State squad that beat Michigan (and I gotta say, it seems like forever since then), Armanti Edwards


Next up, Joe Flacco


Third up, a fella whose hands have been silent lately, T.O.


UTC was still using the full Moccasins name when TO was there. I was a fan of the mockingbird logo, however, and by my own admission was too lazy to look all that hard for older Moccasin logos.

Lastly, the late Air McNair


Alcorn basically favors the A over Indian imagery nowadays, if they use anything at all. As for the Titans, light blue helmets and pants worked better IMO than white did.

In the immortal words of Yi Jianlian, it has a river. It has a lake. So comment.

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I'm loving both the Flacco and McNair sets.
That titans set is a thing of beauty!

Add a white facemask and matching sock stopes and it's easily one of the best uniforms in the NFL in my opinion.

Chattanooga and Tennessee's are really good.

Thank you (bow)

I could be totally off-base, but aren't the numbers on the McNair and Flacco sets flipped?

No, as though I swap uniform styles, fonts stay put. Sometimes the number treatmets are flipped, sometimes they're not, I go case by case in that regard.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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