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sonics concept


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I have never looked at your work before, but let me say, for using Paint, that's some good stuff. There are a lot of concepts that could lead to some great logos. My favorite is the Nuggets. I really like the primary and the 2ndary kicks butt.

As for the Sonics, pretty good. Keep it up man.

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I must say that the logo is a million times better than the current Sonics logo, which the fans don't even like. Maybe if you added a little purple (for Mount Ranier) and make the yellow more of a metallic gold, you have a winner. I know I'm going to get hell from some on the board for even suggesting the addition of purple, but that's just an honest opinion coming from me.

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What is that thing in the middle of the logo supposed to be? I quite frankly love the current Sonics uniforms and logo.


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I don't know about this one AAO.

I like what you were going for with the logo, but it's got way too much white in it. You definitely need to fill in the negative space with something else. I'm not crazy about the wordmark - I might try keeping the fast-paced style for "SONICS" but maybe ditch the speed lines on the "SUPER" part and see what it looks like. And I would definitely get rid of the speed lines on the number on the jersey.

The secondary logo is cool, but again, too much white in it for my taste.

The jersey as a whole is alright... I like the collar style, but get rid of whatever yellow logo is underneath the collar. I'm also not a fan of the sides of the jersey coming to a curve (I once did something like that for a Lakers concept I did, but since then I've straightened it out and it looks much better).

Keep working on this one AAO, couple of alterations here and there and you'll have a winner - though I like the current Sonics logo and jerseys the way they are.

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