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Pierpont Bushwhackers


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My fantasy football team the Pierpont Bushwhackers went through all of this last season without a logo. Hopefully a kick-@ss logo will turn my luck around next year. Found a picture by famous Missouri painter George Caleb Bingam depicting the raid on Lawrence, KS and saw this real menacing, bushy beird guy and based the logo off of him.


Comments? Criticisms?

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The way the nose fits on the face is a little distracting and I hope an eyebrow isn't out of the question. Maybe if you elevated that area, tipped the hat over the eyes and gave it some shadow it'd give it some definition. Great looking logo and reference though, it definitely stands as a strong mark for your team.

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the lack of an eyebrow is weird especially for such a hairy dude. theres some sloppy curve work in places but the biggest thing is the gold in the hair. it dosent look like hair, just thick random lines of color.

the line off his nostril dosent feel complete, i think it should form some hint of a cheek. look at yourself in the mirror while making the same expression for reference.

the mouth/teeth definitely need work. not sure how to do it right at this point, but just check other logos for reference




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Really great start. It could use some simplifying though. Take it down to a smaller scale and stand back from it. See what you can stand to lose as far as details and then work from there.

Good points made by Brandon about the curves. Clean those up a little bit, as is it's a little rough looking.

Maybe if you make the hat brim come down and cover more of his forehead you could get away with the lack of an eyebrow.

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