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Boston Celtics Concept


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As you can probably tell, I am a huge Celtics fan. While I love their current look, there are some things that bother me about it. I wish the road uniforms had Boston on them. I think that the trim around the neck could be cleaned up. I wish they had a logo on the shorts. And I don't like how they have three different green jerseys.

To start out, here are the primaries that I am proposing. Nothing earth-shattering. The alternates are where things get interesting.


Now, as for the alternates, here is where I got really creative. Their current alternate with black trim I think is a good look on its own, but it conflicts with the Celtics green and white tradition. But what really annoys me about it is that it tries to be classic in some ways (primarily green, simple striping), while supporting the biggest sports fad, "black for black's sake."

I think that if the C's want an alternate jersey with black, they need to go all out. Make the jersey black. Add other "trendy" elements. For me, I chose to have the city abbreviation, "BOS." While most people don't like these, I love them. I think the Hawks ATL jersey is the best in their set. But this gave me an idea of how I could make a nice black alternate jersey for the Celtics. Upon making it, I tested out some other alternate ideas with the same basic template. First, I tried a new St. Patrick's day, green and gold jersey. Then, I got really creative. I tested out two-tone green. Although it is against Celtics tradition, I think the two-tone green looks phenomenal, classy, and could not only serve as a full-time alternate, but could be the new St. Patrick's day jersey.

So here are the alternate possibilities. Remember, I am not suggesting using all three. I am just showing you the possibilities and asking for feedback. Please, no "3 alternates is too many" comments.


Oh, and the only reason that I didn't include a shamrock in the script on the black jersey is that I thought a black shamrock would look odd.

C&C Please!


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The primaries aren't all that different from what they actually wear, but I think I like the larger single stripe a bit more than the thinner double stripes. I love the big clover on the leg, but the lack of matching stripes on the bottom makes them look more like practice shorts, IMO.

To get them out of the way, few nitpicks on the alternates: I think that the use of the clover next to "BOS" on the left and right jerseys makes the chest look kind of cluttered. I'm also not really digging that the top clover on the left one is green while the lower clover is gold. Like the primaries, I think they could use a matching shorts stripe. And they'd probably look a bit better if you spaced the numbers more. The diamond shape that's created by the 3 and 4 being so close kind of sticks out.

With that said, I agree with oaklandhuser. The alts are beautiful. I'm surprised at how well I think the use of "BOS" works here because I tend to really dislike city abbreviations (not a fan of the PHX and ATL jerseys at all). The green/gold and two tone are great and your black is a huge improvement on the actual green/black alt they wear. You hit the nail on the head with them using black for the sake of it. Yours goes all in and does a nice job of retaining the green. The one thing is, I wouldn't think any non-green or white jersey would go over too well with Celt fans.

So, overall, I really like these. The Celtics have a classic look already, but this is a very nice update without taking it too far or outside what they're known for.

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