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Wicky_7's NHL Concepts


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Decided to make a Seattle Metropolitans concept as a result of the rumours of a team moving back there. I know the main complaints will be too similar to Minnesota and the Alternate being too similar to the Sens alternate but oh well.



I tried to go with something really simple and classic. I felt that the home and away jerseys weren't too similar to Minnesota as they use a white rather than an off white and a green jersey. I wanted something that incorporated the barber pole jerseys they used to have and the Sens jersey does it perfectly, I didn't feel like I could improve off that template. I used just barely off white for the alternate as I felt their original jersey wasn't exactly vintage white.

C&C welcome.

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I think that's pretty nice looking, the overall layout reminds me of a concept I'm working on for a Metropolitans team. Only think I really will pick at is the shoulder patches. Simplicity is great for the primary but I think a little more into the secondary is necessary.


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@redsox44 - yes I used the bruins template although I modified a few striping patterns. I felt they had pretty close to what I was going for in a simple yet somewhat modern template. The shoulder patch I totally agree with. The program I'm using is free and not very extensive. Also this is my first concept and I don't have any experience so I'm somewhat limited. I'm considering going back and making a couple changes though to the patch. Maybe adding te space needle to the middle of the M.

Thanks for the feedback though guys!

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I updated the concepts with a new secondary shoulder patch. It's not the best design and clearly sloppy - but in only my second time using the program and my first logo I was pretty happy it didn't turn out worse.

This is the alternate logo, it still has the M, but I added the space needle:


And here is the full jersey. Unfortunately, you cannot really make out the space needle form this distance, but it's there:


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I just finished some Penguins kits. I've never been a fan of the vegas gold and the current jersey template they use, so I used something similar to what they used in the 80's but simplified it in hopes of making it look a little more classic.


For the alternates I used the popular jerseys which first introduced the vegas gold, but subbed the gold out for yellow again. There's been various retro blue jerseys, and while they're great, I feel like sticking to somewhat original colours was for the best. I also stuck the old robo-penguin logo on the shoulder.


I realize I forgot the captain's C on a couple of the jerseys, apart from that: C&C?

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