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University of Okoboji


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Here in Iowa there is a joke that there is a college in the Lake Okoboji area. Most people in state say that they are alumni of the U of Okoboji to unsuspecting out of staters and get a good laugh out of it. I decided to take this fictional college and make a football team out of it. I used some logos from the "university" itself and also reused others from around the web.

Here is the crest that is used by the "bookstore" in Okoboji on most of their shirts:


Here is the helmet logo (this is a recolored Oakley logo):


The other logo that I use was made by the "bookstore". This is a pair of eyes since the teams name is the Phantoms (they don't exist ^_^ ):


I will post the football jerseys that I came up with in a little while! Hope you enjoy, and C&C!


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I'll be keeping a close eye on this. I've been wanting to do a series for where I go to school, Metropolitan State University, which happens to not have an athletic programme. It has official school colours and even a mascot, but you don't really see them anywhere.




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A little side note on the football team at the University of Okoboji. The Phantoms "play" local Division III football schools for the majority of the calendar. The largest game of the year happens at the end of September when the Phantoms play for the state championship against the winner of the Iowa/Iowa State game on September 31st......

Now about the jerseys.. I have usually made up the football uniforms as a little Oregon-esque design. This time I went a different route. They are pretty basic aside from the bright yellow. Enjoy..








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I'm a native Nebraskan, but an Alum of Okoboji U. Great water sporting there.


5th in NAT. TITLES  |  2nd in CONF. TITLES  |  5th in HEISMAN |  7th in DRAFTS |  8th in ALL-AMER  |  7th in WINS  |  4th in BOWLS |  1st in SELLOUTS  |  1st GAMEDAY SIGN

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