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Advice on proposing new logos to franchises


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I've been putting together logos and jerseys for fictional and real teams for a little while now and feel good enough about my work that I want to start proposing some of the work I've done to teams. I know that doing the work before the client agrees to pay you for what you've done is not the ordinary or suggested way of doing things, but I figure this is a reasonable way of trying to get a foot in the door and build up a better porfolio.

Also, don't worry, I will not give the work I've done away for free if the client isn't willing to pay, so I won't be that guy screwing up the freelance market for other designers.

With all that said, I was just wondering if anybody has any pointers on who at the organizations I should try to get ahold of or really any pointers from people who have successfully sold freelance work to teams.

Thanks in advance.

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It's nigh on impossible. From a teams point of view, using an unsolicited piece of work is messy for quite a few reasons. The franchise is often not the sole arbiter in the process when you get to the bigger teams. At that level these things are a long winded process with many levels of signoff and many specific deliverables. The chances of fullfilling a brief like that on the off chance is negligible.

With that said, I would find small local organisations and attempt to spread your work that way. It's not worth attempting to negotiate a fee for this work, if the money is there, it's better spent somewhere else. It's easier to trade a design for good will/ some free marketing/ merch. If as you say, the goal is to bolster your portfolio.

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