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Toledo Reign Rebrand


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Hey All,

I coach for a Womens Contact Football team and this coming season marks our 10th Year. We are thinking about re-branding the team and I wanted to get your c+c on what we have come up with... (*disclaimer i dont know what I did when I saved but the new version is still supposed to be purple, not pink). First the current, then the proposed.

Current Look


Proposed Look (again not supposed to be pink)


Still considering changing the helmet design. A Gargoyle is the "mascot", but not many Garoyle's to choose from at helmet decal companies. Found a place that could do Gargoyle/Bat/Dragon Wings (similar to an Eagles helmet), but not sure that would fit the new uni.


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Interesting concept, but I really like it. I love the updated wordmark and the color choice is good (glad to see you got rid of the green, it doesn't really go well with the current set). I think you should try to do some sort of gargoyle logo, maybe try and come up with something yourself. Ya never know what you can come up with until you try!

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