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NFL Re-Design Project


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Knocked another one out this evening.

Now for the Baltimore Ravens... where in my world the NFL paid the guy and they can once again use the B-Shield logo.


- I got rid of that ridiculous primary logo and replaced it with the one that was never actually used.

- I put the full raven logo back on the sleeves.

- I uniformed the pants and added a purple pair. I also put the alternate bird head logo on them removing the B.

- I got rid of the yellow/tan color and now all the uniform elements are metallic gold.

- I brought back the original number font and lost the shadow. There's a minor change in the outlining from the original, the outline is a little thinner and the colors are a little different.

- The throwback is from 1996.

All the pants are interchangeable with the three jerseys.





I am in love with this uniform design. Better raven logo, less emphasis on mustard gold, stripes on black pants. Only problem is the white pants with purple. Should of been black, but I like it now since their home uniforms are black helmets on white jerseys on black pants. NICE, SOLID, AND BEAUTIFUL!!!

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Not sure when I'll get the Falcons done, I've been trying some things and am not 100% certain where I want to go with it, so they won't be the next team done. I'm re-working the Jaguars with their new logo set. I still want to keep the uniforms the same, just working some things out with the logos.

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Okay, so, I've completely gone with an overhaul already. I've changed the layout and created a brand new helmet template.

I've decided to do a COMPLETE NFL Re-Design. Not just each individual team, but league logos as well. New logos for the Draft, Super Bowl, Pro Bowl and special events, like the newly created NFL Heritage Month. I'm not changing the NFL or conference logos though. I'm also doing uniforms for the Pro Bowl.

The concepts are on their way... stay tuned.

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