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NFL Re-Design Project


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I'd say just change the facemask to grey, and you have an absolute winner. Really superb set all around! I like the new pant options too, they should make for some good looking combos.

EDIT: Whoops, I made the facemask suggestion just a tad late, my bad! If you want to keep the facemask navy then by all means, keep it. It's your concept! :)

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So I've finished up the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I wanted to emphasize the teal and add more of the tan/gold color to the scheme, along with toning down the black.

Now, my first idea, after looking over it and thinking about it, was much too over the top. If you'd like to have a look, it's right HERE.


- The helmet remains the same with the pearlescent paint that shines teal in the light.

- The basic jersey design is inspired by their current look, however, I took the striping up the back instead of downward.

- I decided to keep the shoulders teal on each jersey to emphasize the primary color as teal.

- I switched the numbers and letters back to what they had previous to this set.

- I brought the alternate logos back and put the full jaguar back on the sleeves.

- I created a new pants stripe with a spotted pattern to keep that part of my original idea, but less overwhelming.

- There are three different colored pants, all with the matching stripe pattern.

- I also squeezed the tapered collar into the Nike speed template, as I think it fits better with the design.

- The throwback is from 1995-1996.

All pants can be worn with any of the three jerseys.





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Just wanted to say that I've been loving your secondary logos and I really like how you used the secondary logo for the Jaguars. My one problem is that the throwback isn't different enough. I don't think the Jags need a throwback since they've only been around for 20 years, but since your series requires one, then I think that means that you have to change the regular jerseys more. Also I agree with St. Louis Cardinals that you should have the Jaguar print on the jersey too.

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This looks great, the throwback looks fine IMO. Your first idea was way out there, but this is better. I do agree that the jaguar pattern should be somehwere on the jerseys, try putting it on the underarm stripes, should look good there. Nice job on this set.

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I inserted the pattern into the tan/gold design on both the front and the back of the jersey, and I like it. It's not too overwhelming like the original concept, and it ties the pants into the jersey. It also creates a better difference between it and the throwback.

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Knocked another one out this evening.

Now for the Baltimore Ravens... where in my world the NFL paid the guy and they can once again use the B-Shield logo.


- I got rid of that ridiculous primary logo and replaced it with the one that was never actually used.

- I put the full raven logo back on the sleeves.

- I uniformed the pants and added a purple pair. I also put the alternate bird head logo on them removing the B.

- I got rid of the yellow/tan color and now all the uniform elements are metallic gold.

- I brought back the original number font and lost the shadow. There's a minor change in the outlining from the original, the outline is a little thinner and the colors are a little different.

- The throwback is from 1996.

All the pants are interchangeable with the three jerseys.





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i like it, but instead of a dark gray (which looks funky with the blue) use black. also, use the b shield logo on all the helmets, by far the best logo the ravens have ever had IMO

It's not dark gray, it's black. It's just 'faded' so everything looks right with the black outlines and texture overlays.

EDIT: I see what you mean, it really does look gray. So I went through and fixed all the black up so it looks more black, but keeping the ability to see all the effects there. Hopefully they all look better now.

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Looks really good for the most part, the only thing I would suggest is the same as Philsphan's suggestion, the bird blends in too much with the black helmet. Try the B shield logo or if you want to really go crazy, try a purple helmet with the helmet logo you currently have. I would just play around with that but overall great job.

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These all look great. Really love the Seahawks and Jaguars. I really look forward to what you have in store for the Eagles, hopefully not a recolor of their current set. Very interested in which throwback you do for them. Might I suggest late 70's-early 80's set.

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This whole thread is teriffic.

I do have a few suggestions:

For San Diego, I would like to see a mix of the Air Coryell and 90s looks, and maybe a whole new helmet logo with a bolt used for a center stripe.

For Detroit, bring back the blue road pants.

For Carolina, add black pants to the current package.

For Philly, I second the suggestion for the 70s-80s throwback.

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