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2016 Rio Rugby 7's


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As we all know, rugby 7's will be making it's long awaited debut at the games in Brazil. Personally I think it's long overdue and it will be a great success at the games. Giving the popularity of the 7's World Series over the past decade, this sport will be sticking around for a while. Anyways, I started this series a while ago, well over a year in fact, but never got around to posting the concepts. I was never happy with the way some of them turned out and at the time, didn't have decent templates. I've gone back over them a few times in the last couple of months and some have been redone about 5 times to the point where I believe they are ready to be posted.

So there are 16 teams participating and come from some unlikely places. So there will be 4 pools of 4 teams with the top 2 from each pool going onto the medal round and the bottom 2 from each pool compete for the Bowl round. (Much like how the sport is done in the Commonwealth Games...although I'm not sure if they intend on doing that in Rio)I've completed Pools A & B and I'm almost finished the last 8 teams. So here they are so far:

Pool A:

New Zealand - Adidas


With all of their rugby teams, they are supplied by Adidas. I've kept the 7's template that they use already but changed to the collar to what the All Blacks currently use. Also the Adidas stripes are gone as I think the IOC doesn't allow those to be used during the games. (Look at France, Team GB and Japan during the games this year)I also added the sublimated fern to the side of the jerseys to add some Kiwi flare to the jerseys.

Russia - Canterbury


An up and comer on the 7's World Series as well as on the 15's game. They are the host of the 2013 7's World Cup as well in Moscow. I went with what they are currently using in the game and that is the new Platinum Champion template (which many international and club teams are using)and added a sublimated traditional Russian design that wraps around the front and back.

USA - Nike


USA is actually pretty good when it comes to 7's aside. They usually outfitted by Canterbury but I made the switch to Nike as I believe most of their sports teams are done through Nike during the Olympics. I went with a more traditional style with the stripes which are a more common design in the sport of rugby league. It's simple but bold. There is also a sublimated US flag on the back like the basketball teams.

France - Adidas


France just switched their rugby teams to Adidas from Nike. All of France's Olympic team uniforms are supplied by Adidas which made the template choice easier. I also went with what they are currently using for the Les Bleus. I thought this jersey was a very nice design and only slightly changed the colour of the shorts to white instead of blue.

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Also forgot to mention that the shorts and socks stay the same because the time between games is short and it's easier just to change the tops than the entire kit.

On with Pool B:

Great Britain - Adidas


As we saw with Team GB this year, their entire team was decked out by Adidas... And with many people they didn't like the design of what they came out with. I personally didn't mind the designs and I thought they would transfer well to a rugby template.

Argentina - Nike


Argentina made the switch to Nike just recently in time for the new Rugby Championship in the southern hemisphere. From what Adidas did with their old jerseys, I liked the striping pattern that they had. I used that same striping and adapted it to the Nike template.

Canada - Kooga


Canada currently has a retro 3rd jersey that they use and I love that jersey. It is traditional and simple so I decided to keep that simplicity for the 7's jersey. It worked really well for the women's soccer team as well.

Brazil - Nike


The host country is usually kitted by Topper (the last time I checked) but I think that Brazil's Olympic teams are done by Nike. I wanted to go along the lines of what their soccer team wears and transferred that over to the rugby template.

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Wow, Rugby 7s is an Olympic sport now. (**) Caught it by accident on NBC for the HSBC Cup in Vegas last year. Great, fast paced, and addicting sport.

As for the kits, the Argentina set and All blacks set is perfect.

GrizzlyBlack Designs, UDC Firebird


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Okay, finally have finished the last 8 teams for pools C & D. So here they are...

Pool C:

First up, Australia. I know they are contracted to KooGa but like other teams at the Olympics, all of their sports teams and athletes are kitted out by Adidas.


Next, the flying Fijians. They are most likely one of the favorites to take home the gold medal in Rio. I know they were kitted by KooGa but recently switched to a company called BLK (not sure?). Anyways, I kept them with KooGa as I liked what they used.


Another one of the Pacific Island nations who is not too bad on the 7's circuit, Tonga.


And to run out group C, one of the most popular teams with the fans, the boys from Kenya.


Pool D, and the first team in this pool is South Africa. I tried to get as close to the team jerseys as possible for the 7's. I've went with the CCC template as that is what South Africa uses now. I know their Olympic team is done by another company but I've had a hell of a time trying to find out who that is.


The Cherry Blossoms are next and done by CCC.


Another team that is really good on the 7's and one of the favorites as well, Samoa.


Finally to round out the pool and the teams, the team known as the wolves on the 15's and an up and comer, Portugal.


Well that is FINALLY it and glad to post it. It has taken well over a year to post it and refine the teams several times but it is done. Enjoy.

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These are so cool! I hope the ones they wear at the Olympics are just as good. The Pacific Island Nations are my favorites and I also love South Africa. Your crests are really great too! They are the perfect mix of a country's in this case rugby association and their Olympic Commitee. Congratulations on a job well done and long process coming to end!

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