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Old WWE Rebrand, worth revisting?


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Two years ago, I thought up of a new logo for the WWE since I felt (and still feel) the scratch logo has ran its course. Here's the Deviantart posts I made for the whole thing:

Brave New World which was modeled of old WWE t-shirts


Street and Power which were normal branding instances.



It was also the first thing I did while trying out Inkscape. I felt like revisiting it since the WWE Network logo made its appearance would probably would be the current logo if it had got off the ground this year as planned.

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The funny thing about this logo is that it reminds me of the old WCW logo in a way, like if that and the old block WWF logo had a gun-metal child.

I honestly think a new logo should start fresh rather than try to adapt the scratch logo into something smoother at this point.


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