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Ot kinda - my flag football league

Mac the Knife

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Earlier this year in a fit of stupidity I helped organize a flag football league here in the Raleigh, NC area.  We play two seasons ("Spring," which starts in January, and "Fall," which starts in October).  I got appointed Commissioner while out of the room, but decided though drafted into it I'd do it right.

With only 6 teams in our inaugural season, I thought it'd be silly to have playoffs (4 teams out of 6 making the playoffs would make the regular season meaningless), so instead I took an unusual route - establishing a series of NCAA-style post-season "bowl games," giving each team an additional game for their entry fees.  

We added two teams and a 4th bowl game this season, giving us the Grand Bowl (our championship game; "Grand" was the closest thing to "Super" in my thesaurus), the Cherry Bowl, the Salad Bowl (now the "MalianteGear Salad Bowl" thanks to our corporate partner), and the Popcorn Bowl.

Each of these bowl games, and each team for that matter, has its own logo courtesy of a great designer I met through chriscreamer.com.  Though he doesn't work for free (I learned not to ask for free assistance from designers about 18 mos. ago), I consider his services quite affordable and his work exceptional, and I thought I'd share it with you today as the league completed its second season with the staging of each of our bowl games.

Anyway, here are the designs for this season's games, starting with our Grand Bowl championship game (this season, "Grand Bowl II," of course!):

Grand Bowl II Logo - this logo was put on the shank of our league's championship rings, and the players went absolutely bananas when they saw the design!  I have a new design created with each season, and everyone loves each one!

Cherry Bowl Logo - the best use of 5 colors I think I've ever seen in any design.

MalianteGear Salad Bowl Logo - When we gained MalianteGear as a corporate sponsor, I modified the design to incorporate the company's logo and wordmark into the look.  As a result I think I goofed it up somewhat.

Popcorn Bowl Logo - This one is the simplest design, but perhaps the most unique.  I challenged him to create something with only 2 non-white colors because I wanted to put the design on T-shirts.  He came through with flying colors as you'll see.

Though I don't normally offer unsolicited testimonials (notice I didn't mention his name or anything - I don't know how he'd feel about me doing that so I won't), if anyone likes his work and would like to get in touch with him, feel free to drop me a private message and I'll refer you.  In the meantime, I plan to put up a web site exclusively of the work he's done for our league over the past year or so - if you think the bowl game designs are great, wait until you see some of the team logos he's created!

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