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Providence to honor Sandy Hook with green jerseys


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Providence College will wear green jerseys for Tuesday night's game against Colgate with the words "Sandy Hook" on the back above the players' numbers.

PC coach Ed Cooley, who previously coached at Fairfield (Newtown is in Fairfield County), said he notified Nike that he wanted to have special uniforms made for the occasion. He said the school would then send the jerseys to the victims' families.

Cooley said he wants to have Providence wear a special uniform to honor the Sandy Hook Elementary school victims every year at this time of the season.

The 7-2 Friars will play Colgate with two new players: Arizona transfer Sidiki Johnson and top freshman point guard Kris Dunn, who had been out with an offseason injury. Leading scorer Vincent Council has been out since the first game with a hamstring injury and is still weeks away from returning to the court.


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I wanna feel like this is a good thing, but then I remember this is only playing into the exact type of legacy that sociopathic twuntstain wanted to leave behind.

How exactly is that? In no way is it referencing him, but rather those lost and those who survived and the community. I

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Well wearing them this year won't really give the psycho any more attention since it's fresh on everyone's minds.

I think the media should stop using his name and focus on the victims' names. That will help ruin his "legacy". It's kind of like how media in San Francisco stopped reporting on Golden Gate Bridge suicides except in circumstances like a major traffic snarl.

Policies like this one need to be expanded, especially with the cable "news" networks.

**It is not Action News 5's policy to cover suicides, however, we felt this should be reported since the man brought a gun into a public hospital.

"I did absolutely nothing and it was everything I thought it could be." -Peter Gibbons

RIP Demitra #38

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