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Australian Baseball League logos


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Here are the logos of the six teams that compete in the Australian Baseball League:


The Canberra Cavalry were originally going to be called the Canberra Colts, but an existing Rugby Union team in Canberra is called the Colts, so another name had to be found.

In my eyes, the Perth Heat has the best logo - simple, clear and attractive.

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psi agree on the Perth logo, but it doesn't portray heat very well. I would own one of their caps already if I wasn't an Adelaide boy. although I don't mind Adelaides, canberras or cap logos, Sydney's and brisbanes just flat out suck as well as their and canberras primaries. the thing that annoys me most about the league is the on,y tea, with a white uniform is the heat and they don't even have a grey unifrom (according to Wikipedia anyway i have never been to a game)

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