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New Southern Miss turf design will not have Eagle Head


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The University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles have unveiled the design for their new football field. On the 50-yard line, it will not have the Eagle Head which has been the cause of trademark issues between the school and the University of Iowa, who claim that the Eagle Head is a plagiarism of the Hawkeyes' Tiger Hawk logo, which is a registered trade mark. Instead, it will have the "Southern Miss" logo that is on the helmets. Maybe this will get the Hawkeyes off the Golden Eagles' tails (no pun intended). The end zones will be gold with "Golden Eagles" in white letters with black trim.

The artificial surface, which is Matrix Turf by Hellas (which is the same brand used by the Dallas Cowboys), is being installed at Carlisle-Faulkner Field at M. M. Roberts Stadium in Hattiesburg, MS. It is replacing the Momentum Turf surface that was installed in 2004. The new turf installation is necessary because glass fragments from a tornado that swept through the campus that damaged and destroyed some buildings went into the turf and rendered it unusable and unsafe.

Here is a picture of the new turf:


Here is a link to the Southern Miss website on the turf and the turf installation:


The field looks nice, but to me the Golden Eagles should have either gone with the Southern Miss eagle feather logo:


or, this attack eagle logo:


Atlanta Braves, please bring back the Indian Head logo.

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I'm not really a fan of the new turf trend where the midfield logo is 20+ yards long. Ten to twelve yards (aka, between the 45's) is plenty big. That's why the divebombing eagle would've worked so much better.


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...or, this attack eagle logo:


Let me get this straight...Southern Miss gets in trouble for their eagle-head logo looking too much like the U. of Iowa's so they ditch it, and create an "attack eagle" mark that looks an awful lot like their new C-USA rival North Texas?:


Nice research there guys.

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