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Final unifroms displayed for Rainier Academy


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The final touches have been completed for Rainier Academy Warrior Football 2004. The team released it's home and away plus alternate unis earlier and finally are ready to roll out the helmet and alternate designs.



Helmet Logo


Football office logo


University athletics logo


Home uniform


Away Uniform




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I agree with Steve-O...the Warrior logo isn't the best of the set, but I'll reserve judgement on it until I see the cleaned up version that you're promising. I like the R-Sword logo quite a bit. The jersey striping is also very nice, though I'm not sure about that teal alternate. I admire the VERY complete package you've put forth.




The world's foremost practitioners of professional tag-team wrestling.



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Thanks. It could end up like some real life logos where fan interest drives the organization to use their secondary marks primarily. Time will tell. Those jerseys I made using the LA Extreme (XFL) jerseys, and just using piping instead of two tones. I made a template with the old Las Vegas Outlawas but it wasn't all that special to me.

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