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hornets retro revised logo


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Nice but still very outdated.


Utah Jazz Retired Number's

#1 - Frank Layden - #7 Pete Maravich - #12 John Stockton - #14 Jeff Hornacek - #35 Darrell Griffith - #53 Mark Eaton

Retired Number's To Come

#00 The Bear (Best Mascot In NBA) - #4 Adrian Dantley - #32 Karl "The Mailman" Malone

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Was there ever a colorized version of that logo?

What was the story with that anyway? I remember seeing that logo on the back of basketball cards before they started playing, but by the time the season rolled around it was the logo with hugo the hornet. Why the switch?

Actually, didn't they use the old logo on the belt of the shorts? Or a variant of it?

I seem to remember seeing a clip on tv using the inaugural logo as a graphic too, but I'm not sure.

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from what i remember it was the logo before the "official logo" was released (Hugo w/ ball). it was on the first rollout of tees and caps. i do recall it being on the waistband belt buckle area at some time, but not exactly when. i'll look at some of my old stuff at home.

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