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Wideright's NFL --Cardinals & Panthers Added Sep21


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FIVE NFL TEAMS SO FAR (All all page 1)






I have uploaded some NFL concepts before, but I thought I would revisit my ideas, beginning where my heart lies, with the Buffalo Bills (You can tell by my name, of course.)

I really don't think the Bills need to change much, so only a few minor changes:

1. New wordmark

2. New secondary logo which I can combine with the wordmark more effectively than the charging buffalo.

3. Pant stripes now taper in the way we see on the helmet stripes.

4. Consistent pattern of use of the navy, royal, red and white on all striping.

5. Remove the charging buffalo from the back of the jerseys.

6. Of course, the return of the blue facemask.

Enjoy. I will repost some of my earlier concepts after a few tweaks and I hope to add more until I have my ideal 32 team look.


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The secondary is the best, although I'm not to crazy about how the line going through it changes the inner shape of the B. Sort of distracts from the overall flow. Maybe rotate the B to match the angle of the line itself.

I could see the secondary by itself on the jersey instead of the one you chose.

Nice job here.

Old Dog Learning New Tricks.

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The Arizona Cardinals

I wanted to retain a modern look but reduce the piping for something that was both modern and still held to some tradition (sleeve stripes). I am not a fan of unitard looks so I specifically designed a white-red combo and a red-white combo. I could see them using white-white as many warm weather teams do.


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Carolina Panthers

There is not much I don't like about the current Panthers uniform, so I did not have much to do here except:

1. Replace the odd curved stripes on the helmet with a tapered version of a more traditional helmet stripe.

2. Increase use of all 3 colors on jerseys by altering shoulders from stripe to entire sleeve color change.

3. Use logo more sparingly.

4. Limit pants to black and silver. I suppose a white pair is possible, but isn't needed if you have black & silver already.


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New York Giants

I wanted to bring more blue back to the white jerseys and create a unified stripe system. I think this look gives the Giants a strong identity that is both traditional and new. I envision white or grey pants with the dark jersey and blue or grey with the white jersey.

Note the white facemask (sorry grey-facemask defenders, I am not on board.)


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St. Louis Rams

Some minor modifications and some return to earlier versions of the navy-gold uniforms.

1. Added some white to the helmet horns. I think it adds some dynamism and dimension to the horns.

2. A return to gold pants as the exclusive pant option. No stripes.

3. Took the R from the Rams wordmark to create a secondary logo. Emphasize Rams, not St. Louis in case of a return to LA.


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Really solid concepts here! I like all of them, but I'll go into a little detail on each.

Bills: Much props for making all the striping red. Brings consistency and matches the streak in the logo.

Cards: I really like that jersey striping. Just seems to go well with the logo. The socks are really nice too.

Panthers: Good fix to the helmet stripe. I love the consistency you brought with the blue striping everywhere, silver sleeves and removal of the white pants. The number font is really nice as well. Only problem is that the logo on the left sleeve (our right) should be flipped so it faces forward.

Rams: I like the small additions of white to the helmet horns and the switch back to gold, stripeless pants. As for the number font, is it skewed slightly? If so I'm not a fan. Their current font as is works fine.

EDIT: Forgot about the Giants. Digging the slanted "ny" logo and the single red stripe motif.

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I'm not sure what you did to the Panthers wordmark, but it is messed up. The blacks on the front and back of the home jersey are different. The collar needs to be one consistent color on the home jersey. Other than those fixes the set looks nice as long as the black jersey and pants are the home because that is by far our best look.


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Some good suggestions. I will make some fixes (Panthers in particular).

The Rams font is slanted, similar to a Nascar number. I should switch to another number so it is more obvious. I had Steven Jackson but switched it out. I might have to go with a receiver or defender.

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