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SA swarm concept


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the last time South Australia sent a representative team to the Gridiron Australia (american football) senior (18+) national tournament the name of the team was changed from "fire" to "swarm" as to not offend the people of Melbourne (the host city) who had just experienced some severe brushfires. they also went from using an original logo and uniforms to using a clip art-ish logo, that from very little research has been shown to be used by at least three other sports team in Australia alone, and pretty meh uniforms (https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/31978_411098767611_3961590_n.jpg?lvh=1 for anyone interested)

trainings begin in January for next years team and I decided that i would try to undertake the task of refreshing the teams identity, i plan to propose this to the team as an alternative to what was used last time or to what a designer from a local company comes up with.

so first up I made a new logo, still based on a flying hornet, i tried to keep it fairly simple and subtly incorporated the letters S and A into the wing



for the uniforms I wanted too put heavy emphasis on the stripes while keeping the traditional red jersey navy pants. I couldn't decide between red or navy socks so I included both, I added the tagline "FEAR THE BUZZ" to both the hanger effect area and the fold down portion of the socks. I have shown the uniform with all five helmets of the teams in the league as this will be what players will be wearing during the tournament.

DISCLAIMER: at the moment I have the font "beaverton block" produced by Conrad as a place holder. but plan on creating a similar (but not identical) custom font


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