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Resurrecting the ABA(PIT Condors Logo)FEEDBACK NEEDED


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I've always been a fan of bringing back retired teams. Well that is what I'm doing here. I'm not sure if I'll do the whole ABA or just the Squires, but for now I'm just doing the Squires.

And without further ado here is the logo's


With the Primary I wanted to keep it similar to their old logo but I made it more space-efficient. With the Secondary I wanted to make something simple and timeless.

Tomorrow I'll bring the court

C&C please.

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I'm glad someone is doing the Squires as I kept thinking this should have been the name if the Kings would have moved to Virginia Beach. I would either lighten the colors, or add silver. Problem is, one way looks like the 76ers, the one way looks like Washington (both nearby). But if you do the other Squire colors it just wouldn't look right. Maybe some American Flag Gold?

Anyways, good job on the logos. Love the throwback look.

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I really like the secondary. I think it'd be cool to do as many teams as you can.

yeah I'm doing the Utah Stars next, anyways here's the Squires uniform


I wanted something simple with modern elements. Alternates are the same as the NBA. They're worn 6-18 times

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Here's the Stars unis, I kept the pants stripeless to avoid making it to crowded. Added some soccer elements to the stormtrooper home look. Then I took all white out of the dark jersey's and gave it trail blazer-esque striping. Courts are next, then to the San Diego Conquistadors 11425666634_4c399d67cb_o.png

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Not enough contrast between the purple and red on the Stars uniforms. You need to pop a white outline around the names and numbers on the dark jerseys. Otherwise, they look great.

I tried white outlines but it made it to crowded, I also simplified the Away jersey and added a star to the Alternate


sorry about the delay. I decided to take a break

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