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Another shot at the Denver Broncos


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A few weeks ago I posted a concept for the Denver Broncos that added a second shade of orange... a lighter Tennessee/Tampa Bay throwback orange. Why? Why not? Here it is again...


I got some decent feedback (thanks!) but I did start to think the second orange was a little too clever. Especially since I had to keep the navy in the logo for visibility. That meant, technically, the concept had two oranges and two blues. So, I decided to simplify... drop orange #2, and replace it with navy throughout. I like it, but its maybe a little too... expected. Tell me what you think.

For the record, I redid the font. I was OK with it when it was trimmed in orange, but the navy really showed off the quirky angles to poor effect. So new font.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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