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Auburn Turn Ahead the Clock Concepts


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I was looking through some pictures when I came across the failed experiments of MLB's Turn Ahead the Clock uniforms. I actually enjoy these uniforms, simply on the fact of how different they are. The novelty of them is enjoyable. I have been playing around lately putting Auburn basketball uniforms in old classic templates, so I thought I'd try my hand at making auburn TAtC unis. All of these are based on a real uniform from 1999, even the tiger tail one which Detroit never wore on the diamond. I made these pretty quickly, so they aren't very clean; just made them for proof of concept. Let me know what you guys think!


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These are nice.

The script Auburn one, the back needs to be mirrored. the "urn" should be on the left side, going to the right, and not backwards cursive :)

You're right, dangit. Like I said, I was making these pretty quickly, and something told me that that's the way it should go. I didn't think that all the way through. Thanks!

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No, just No

Look. This is not criticism. If you don't have anything CRITICAL to say, keep your fingers off of the keyboard. This is a TATC concept. If you don't like, you're not forced to comment.

Then, about the concepts:

Liked the third, but the tiger pattern would appear in all sleeves to look way "better". The fifth, with Auburn Script is other one "good", just need to adjust the script behind. The second could have the logo following to back. The first looks too much "basic". Otherwise than it, no comments.

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