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Maryland Terps new football jerseys


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I know this was discussed some time back, and there were some photos from the presser at the time. The jerseys just became available today on the university's athletics site.

Maryland Athletics

I don't know if this gives any better perspective than the previous photos, but for what it's worth, there's the link.

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don't know maryland football, but I'm assuming the jerseys with names are players that have graduated right? or is the NCAA allowing names now? I always thought that the universities couldn't make money on individual players, only the team in general. Which makes me wonder how they can sell the "throwback" college ones now. I guess its a stretch of the rules or something.



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If you are marketing a current player's uniform, you may not use his likeness or name to promote the jersey. In the case of throwbacks, it's up to the licencee as to how to use past player's names.

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I just wouldn't be confortable buying something on the web, based on a computer rendering. I want to see a real picture of the damn thing!


By the way, the two jerseys they are selling with names are a famous alum, and the head coach.

NCFA Sunset Beach Tech - Octopi




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