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  1. If you're going to use side panels, you might as well go all the way. I'd prefer horizontal stripes but this was one change I didn't mind. With the Flames you have to take small victories and while the new uniform is a huge disappointment, it's still an improvement over the dumpster fire they've used for the past 10 years. I'll gladly take longer side panels if means the curved-side-panel/piping-to-nowhere/pit-stain cluster is gone. Remove the flags and it's a passable (if unremarkable) modern uniform.
  2. Outlining the white piping with a navy stripe of any size would fix things, as would putting the guitar-pick patches on both shoulders. They were really close and where the hell is that road jersey? They're the only team left to unveil one.
  3. Might be the best the team has ever looked. Can't wait to see the full road uniform.
  4. That striping looks so much better than their current side panels. If they used the standalone "D" on that template and incorporated a little more orange, I doubt there would be as many people clamoring for a return to the Mighty Ducks look. That champagne colour looks so much better as a metallic fabric.
  5. The collars downgrade all the new designs. I tried having an open mind at first but even the applications that I initially thought were good (Avalanche for example) are beginning to stick out like a sore thumb.
  6. One thing Reebok got right was the collars. Dare I say, it was the best they ever looked on a hockey uniform.
  7. One of, if not the most hideous colour schemes I've seen. Definitely a counterfeit rag.
  8. An article claiming the New Jersey Devils changed their uniforms for the better. Now I've seen everything
  9. I like the new Oilers uniforms but this was perfection. I hope it at least comes back in the form of an alternate.
  10. Anniversary logo in embroidered form. Is it just me or does that shoulder patch look plastic like on the Premier Replicas?
  11. Too bad. Those new Devils jerseys don't even look good in a vacuum. If you want your uniform to have large, bold sleeve stripes, you don't pair them up with a thin outline on the hem that uses a colour that barely contrasts with the uniform's base. You also don't throw away a look that has seen three championships to pay homage to a team that hasn't won anything.
  12. Not super familiar with their entire discography but Stunt is great. Light Up My Room and Call And Answer are some of my fav songs of all time.
  13. Wow, that is Thrashers-10th-Anniversary bad.
  14. Removing the red from the Golden Knights: such a simple and brilliant fix. One of if not the best Golden Knights concepts I've seen. That Kings set is also pure class. Only suggestion would be to have a black alternate that used purple in a subtle way.
  15. Am I the only one who thinks this looks great? If they're going to go orange, better they use the striping they've used for their entire history instead of the generic, Canucks-eqsue stripes from the WHA inspired alternate.