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  1. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Maybe it's the snow talking but I thought the Hawks looked spectacular in this game.  It was one example of the angular hem stripes adding to the appeal of a uniform.  
  2.   No I didn't but it's telling you are the only one to change your mind so suddenly.  The more I look at the new logo, the better it looks and I can't for life of me understand the reasoning for a flip-flop like that.  The shape is elegant and the veins are beautifully rendered with subtle nods to the team's history.  You are more than entitled to your opinion but I'm in full disagreement when you say it's a "bad render."
  3.   The lack of self awareness in this post is astounding.  You guarantee it will change in 10 years?  The team that kept a logo, most of the fan-base didn't like, for over 40 years is suddenly going to ditch their new mark?  One that has received near universal acclaim?  Not likely   How does the 'jaggedness' of the shape equate to a bad render?  It's a leaf, it's supposed to jagged...  Not outlined in unnecessary, razor thin strokes that muddle up the overall shape.
  4. Personal Logo Help

    Looks good to me, huge improvement.
  5. When someone posts a Leafs concept that is actually better than what was released, I'll listen to the criticisms against it.
  6. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    It also works well as a crest.  Aside from the green touching the blue, in the striping, I see nothing wrong with this uniform.  Put these logos on the current "Orca" template and the Canucks vault to at least the top 10...  
  7. Anaheim Ducks concept, very experimental

    Light years ahead of the Flying V uniforms.  I wouldn't mind seeing a full set based around the second version.  Any plans to pursue this idea further?
  8.   Oh come on now...  I usually agree with most of your opinions on here but to say that nostalgia is the only reason people like the new logo is ridiculous.  While most sports logo enthusiasts and Leafs fans have been clamouring for a return to the 1938 or 1963 design, they are quick to point out their many flaws like the off-centre text, poor kerning and inability of the design elements to breathe.  Mean's design fixed all those problems, improved the overall shape and added a bunch of cool details that honoured the rich history of the franchise.  A poor rendering?  I know it's subjective but I don't see any faults in the rendering what so ever.  Mean's knocked it out of the park.
  9. Please Jian Ghomeshi don't hurt 'em

    He's a piece of trash...
  10. It's too realistic to form an effective logo.  Every chip and imperfection is represented when there's no need for it.  As for the overall shape?  It too is vastly inferior, as it's too wide and does not do a good job at representing the history of one of the league's oldest franchises...
  11.   This Leaf is so inferior to what was released this Tuesday, it's ridiculous.
  12. Best and Worst Sports Logos

      One sorry franchise if this represents their best logo.  From the derivative colour scheme, to the cliched "Hockey Club" tagline, this has mediocre written all over it.  At least the inaugural logo set, flawed as it was, had an original colour scheme...
  13. NHL soccer jerseys (Toronto Maple Leafs) (19/30)

    My sentiments exactly, though the rest of the design looks solid.
  14. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Both of Patrick Roy's Avalanche masks were things of beauty though I wish they brought back the earlier design...  Sorry for beating a dead horse but everything about this look is just spectacular.  It can't be said enough.  
  15. So...  No Canadian teams in the playoffs this year.  That sucks