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  1. I remember hearing the Avalanche weren't changing their uniforms during the Edge implementation so I'm not getting my hopes up. They could still "look like the Devils" with an atrocious, piping-laden template.
  2. I can't understand, for the life of me, the obsession people have with bacon. It's just fat and nitrates...
  3. I'd like to see green replacing black on the current template. That striping configuration is so much cleaner than the inaugural one. I hope you're wrong about the cartoon devil, that would be just awful.
  4. This is very good news. I remain hopeful this change will be a tasteful one. Maybe they will even incorporate green.
  5. The L.A. monogram looks great. Particularly the one on the white background. Any plans for uniforms?
  6. You're right, I read about it somewhere but I don't think I'm tricking myself. The devil actually looks more like the Buffalo-Man, used by the band Jamiroquai, but he's definitely there. Of course I can't find the article but I remember it being from an reputable source. Looks to me like the tail is going to the side, not through his legs.
  7. That update no longer resembles a sitting-devil which is the most clever thing about the logo... I like the double-stroke on the circle but the rest of it looks boxy and awkward. Back to the drawing board I'm afraid.
  8. Hard to comment on this series without sounding like a gushing groupie. The wishlist version of the Flyers is perfection and I've always thought the Rangers shoulder adapt their primary logo as a shoulder patch in some capacity. Can't wait to see what you do for the Stars, Canucks and Flames. Keep up the great work!
  9. Well, case closed then . As I said before, when someone comes up with a better alternative, I will consider the criticisms leveled against it.
  10. Yet another great uniform ruined by the Edge changeover, If only the two cups had been won in these beauties
  11. When somebody manages to do it better, or even come up with a completely different concept that tops it, I will believe you. As it stands, I see nothing wrong with how it's rendered. In my opinion it is untouchable.
  12. Why not just put the logos from this uniform on the current set? Nothing wrong with that striping configuration. The double piping around the yoke is also thinner and it does the uniform wonders. That was the one thing about that uniform I could not get past, the amount of white space between the red yoke and the green outline. It just looked goofy.
  13. The only problem is the thin blue stripes between the green and white. It muddies things up.
  14. To be fair, Messier had nothing to do with the design. Maybe you will get your wish next season.