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  1. The tragedy is that those two identities were ever vanquished in the first place. The Dallas Stars could at least bring the Northstars identity back (minus the "N") since they are essentially a continuation of the original team.
  2. nhl

    Yep, that is exactly what they should be wearing, alternate included.
  3. I feel the same way about the Northstars.
  4. Beautiful work! They need to ditch the uninspired script and go with something like this right away. Love the bold striping configuration you used.
  5. "Ride" is about as fun as emphysema. "Heathens" is even worse, which is a pretty big accomplishment in itself.
  6. The Sharks are a joke. They're just bitter because L.A. had the will and gumption to win when it mattered... twice.
  7. Agree 100%. If they removed the 'Los Angeles' from the hem stripe they'd be just about flawless. It's unfortunate the 'Edge' version of this look was so underwhelming. They inexplicably removed the hem stripes and kept the script. Had they done a better job, it's very likely the King's two championships happen in these colours.
  8. Couldn't agree more. The piping to nowhere and intersecting hem stripes would almost be tolerable without those half-assed flags. As for that logo, I wouldn't call it brilliant by any stretch but at least it's an actual attempt at branding.
  9. So they're essentially going to be a Graphite version of the Coyotes
  10. This doesn't work at all. Why would you replace one of the league's best logos with that jumbled mess
  11. Nothing the Flames do uniform-wise makes sense. The alternate that replaced the throwbacks lasted a whopping 3 seasons. Sure glad I bought one It's fine as an alternate but the lack of contrast is borderline garish. Which is precisely why adding black resulted in such an improved look. One of the rare cases where BFBS actually worked effectively.
  12. I think if you reversed the yellow and red, it would make the logo stronger. It feels weird seeing the classic "NJ" in anything but red and a yellow border would help it stand out better on the blue background.
  13. Ugh, this team is incompetent. The Alternate was the best looking uniform of the bunch and the closest they've come to matching their best look (2004-07). Bringing back the retro would be great news if it replaced the hideous Red's with the 'clash patch.' At this point I don't even care if the main set matches, the elimination of just one of those eyesores would be cause for jubilation.
  14. Aesthetically speaking, the forum blue and gold years produced a better-looking identity but there is zero reason to go back to those colours now. Which is why I like the subtle recognition in the hanger effect instead. They tipped the hat to those years without sacrificing what has arguably become an iconic look. Another Look:
  15. The 50th Anniversary jersey looks better than their regular set. That's about the only complaint I have about this release. Not usually big on hanger effects but this one is executed perfectly.