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  1. Cool series, looking forward to seeing what you do for the rest of the league. The Kings are my favorite.
  2. Technically it was two identities but with the the wacky flying V's and the changing of orange to red, it felt like more. I put them in the winning column because although it was definitely bandwagon jumping (they really ripped off the Avalanche), it still resulted in a better uniform set and a logo that is still (albeit recoloured) around today. I thought the Haida inspired mark was really clever at the time and still don't see what's wrong with it. The Spaghetti plate on the other hand is just dated.
  3. Because the Islanders used orange while the Oilers created the illusion of it by outlining copper with thin red outlines. The copper looked great on the logos (metallic) but on the fabric, it looked drab and tired.
  4. The 90's had its fair share of trash for sure but overall, I think the good outweighs the bad. Winners: Florida Panthers, Carolina Hurricanes, Hartford Whalers, Colorado Avalanche, Anaheim Mighty Ducks (main set only), Ottawa Senators, Tampa Bay Lightning, San Jose Sharks (both sets), New Jersey Devils, NY Islanders (the darkening worked here), Vancouver Canucks. Losers: Every Ducks alternate, the other third jerseys from 1995/96, Lightning Storm alt, Flames pedestal set, Dallas Stars (1994/95-1998/99), Oilers darkened set, Blues angular set. Debatable: Buffalo Sabres, Phoenix Coyotes.
  5. God I miss the 90's. You actually saw designs that were creative and unique. Now uniform design basically consists of taking sub-par logos from before the 70's and putting them on a click-and-fill template with a lace-up collar.
  6. The best the Flames have ever looked in my opinion. The striping is classy, the black "C" was fresh and they just look great on the ice. The word "modern classic" gets thrown around a lot on here but this, in my opinion, is airtight example. The mountain-range striping is ingenious, the colours are perfect and logo says everything it needs to. It also contains one of the more ingenious shoulder patches ever created. Its derogatorily referred to as a foot, when it actually represents a footprint in the snow. I love how the shimmer thread mimics the way snow sparkles and If you think I'm reaching, explain why the actual snow on the primary logo is lined with the same material. Perfect uniform with the 'Glacier-Twill' being the icing on the cake. Another modern classic from the 90's. I am confident the Panthers will never look this good again. The Ducks hit out of the park with this one. The subtle nod the teams original striping is brilliant and the logo looks great in the updated colours. The colour scheme alone warrants the inclusion of this underrated gem. Just look at how those colours pop. The recoloured-orca looks great and so does the traditional striping. Beautiful, classy and unique. Blows the =O= out of the water.
  7. No, but when the aesthetics are perfect to begin with (2007/08 Bruins), winning provides and underline for why the look should stay around. The Cam Neely set looks dated, especially with that awful shoulder patch.
  8. The Bruins should never change anything anything about their identity ever again. The uniforms and logo are a sterling example of hockey aesthetics perfected. The 1995 spoked 'B' looks really dated now that the new brand has been established and minted with a championship. The pooh-bear logo and somewhat questionable uniforms don't help its case either.
  9. Couldn't disagree more. Boston has never had a better logo in their history. Might even be the best in league. The updated stick n' rink is also a massive improvement as you can now make a case for the "C" being present. The thicker white area and updated stick do wonders for that previously lack-luster logo.
  10. The =O= certainly represents Ottawa's hockey heritage and it's a fine shoulder patch. I just don't think its interesting or visually appealing enough to serve as their primary logo. On the other hand, when I think about how good the updated, 2D-centurion would look as an embroidered crest, it almost seems like a tragedy. If they put it on a traditional template with nods to the barber-pole striping and the =O= on the shoulders, they would have something really special. Something that celebrated Ottawa's entire hockey history with a perfect balance of traditional and unique aesthetics. The centurion represents 25 years of Ottawa hockey and when you consider the 2D version can double as a perfect 'O,' it makes the connection to the roman senate a bonus, rather than the focal point. Something to give them a more dynamic and interesting logo.
  11. That cross-hatching technique really isn't working, especially on the cup. Looks borderline bizarre.
  12. I like the sublimated oil drops on the stripes. Never seen that on an Oilers concept before.
  13. We'll have to agree to disagree. The avalanche-warning connection makes me feel a little better about the new logo but this uniform will always be my favorite. Different strokes and such. Anyhow, I'll give it a rest now .
  14. Given the trends, I would say it's likely but you just never know with this team. They've made some really boneheaded decisions since 2007.
  15. Logo arguments aside, this is definitely the biggest problem I have with the navy alternates. Up close the uniforms look decent yet from afar, the dark shades of Maroon and Navy just kind of blur together. It also doesn't really make sense for them to make a colour they never previously used the new dominant swatch. They've been the de-facto burgundy team for 21 years, why change now? If they truly are going with the Rockalanche logo, my hope is that they at least fix these problems first. The snow capped shoulders are a good idea but the execution looks goofy as hell. If the goal is go traditional, why not use a rounded yoke similar to Montreal's roads.