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  1. Well, I hope the Capitals can finally get over the Pittsburgh hump.
  2. Which is a fair stance to take. Back in 2006 I cheered against the Oilers every step of the way but now that 10 years have past, I really wish they had pulled it off. Maybe if they didn't lose to Carolina (of all teams) it'd be different.
  3. I can cheer for whoever I want. The fact it irks the people counting down the Canadian team eliminations just makes it that more appealing. Go Sens and go Leafs.
  4. Needs a blue alternate with the yellow lightning down the arms . Is it bad that I think this is a step up from what they wear now?
  5. Beats having to sit through an all-California series. When a Canadian team wins the cup and ends the drought, I'll worry about divisional rivalries.
  6. Last time the Oilers beat in the Sharks in 6, they went all the way to the finals. If the Flames couldn't advance, I'm glad their provincial rivals were finally able to get some success after 10 long years.
  7. The Capitals need a proper logo for their uniforms. Either a recoloured screaming eagle, the Weagle or something entirely different. The wordmark, retro or modern, simply isn't cutting it.
  8. I don't, they won 3 championships in 6 years. I think they can handle a two year drought.
  9. The Sharks looked they had no business being in that extra frame.
  10. You guys have both contacts in one eye? Not a single game was a blowout and three of Anaheim's wins came on the heels of questionable calls. -Game 1: Game winner was a result of a call where Gibson was barely touched. Hook and a hold on a clean break-away for Calgary results in no call. -Game 2: Calgary's go ahead goal was waived off cause once again, Gibson was brushed. Game winner was a result a fluke bounce following a penalty where the Flames were punished for committing the exact infraction Anaheim did, seconds earlier, and got away with it (of course). -Game 3: Goal to make it 4-3 was clearly scored with a high stick. -Game 4: Flames deserved to lose this one, but it was essentially a 1 goal game with an empty netter added at the end. Not saying the Flames deserved to win the series by any stretch, their goal-tending was terrible. But to say they 'didn't show up' is about as far from the truth as you could possibly get. They outplayed Anaheim for large stretches of the first three games.
  11. I thought for sure they'd be wearing the retros in the playoffs if their plans were to bring back that look. Now I'm thinking the Black C will stick around. Hopefully they fix the striping and remove the flags, though I'm not hopeful with the latter. People in Calgary seem to really like them for some bizarre reason.
  12. You actually bothered to watermark that half assed logo Go Sharks or Oilers.