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  1. Unpopular Opinions

    Thought pewter was a dull, metallic silver.
  2. The best Jelly Belly flavour, by far!
  3. That could bring a tear to a glass eye .
  4. NHL 4th Jerseys (Penguins and Sharks added)

    Both designs look great, looking forward to seeing more
  5. NHL Tweaks - Canucks Added

    Beautiful work. Glad to see this return.
  6. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs Uniforms

    Thank god the Sharks aren't wearing their 'Black Armours' this year. I don't think I could stomach the thought of the team's big moment happening in those uniforms.
  7. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs Uniforms

    MS clipart logo or not, the best thing the Lightning had going for them was their unique colour scheme. Black, Blue and Silver looks unique, striking, and fits the team's namesake perfectly.
  8. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs Uniforms

    They're bland, character-less and derivative. The logos are completely devoid of excitement, especially for a name like the "Lightning," the road script looks tacked on, and the numbers & pants feature a colour not found anywhere else on the uniform. To me, that's a bad uniform.
  9. Florida Panthers 2016 Concept

    Aside from the Flags on the shoulders, it looks fantastic. The striping pattern you chose is worlds better than the Hab's knockoff, they will eventually use.
  10. Not the Sharks... Anyone but the god damned Sharks
  11. Unpopular Opinions

    I don't think they look terrible by any stretch. It's the liberal use Copperplate that sinks it for me. If they got rid of the unnecessary text that surrounds the roundel, the uniforms would look significantly better.
  12. Players You Hate

    Brad Marchand.
  13. 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs Uniforms

    The biggest issue with the Lightning's current set is that they look more like the Maple Leafs than the team that captured hockey's richest prize in 2004.
  14. Atlanta Thrashers Redesign Entry

    Wow! That is a thing of beauty, especially the alternate. The Thrashers always had great elements to work with and here lies the proof.
  15. Murray wasn't even doing that bad, all things considered