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  1. Flaws aside, it looks great overall. Begs the question why green is such an underused colour in this league.
  2. Best case scenario as the current reds outwore their welcome 5 years ago (conservatively). The Wild have the potential to make a great red-alternate but the current version isn't it. Lack of hem stripes and the phantom yoke sunk this previously respectable design.
  3. Only if "worked" means the dilution of a stellar identity with top heavy, shimmer-saturated, gimmick-rags.
  4. The last thing the NHL needs is every team having four jerseys.
  5. Thank god he did... Even though the new uniforms are beautiful on their own merits, it's still really weird seeing them without the gold. I couldn't imagine them ditching the green. It would be like flushing 45 + years of history down the toilet. I heard that as well but I think the primary factor was reproduction issues. The Gold the Stars used from their inception to 2013 looked different on every medium it was printed on. Sadly, this issue could have just as easily been fixed by using athletic gold and it would have resulted in a better uniform that really honored the teams history. Missed opportunity.
  6. He thought he could have his team wearing the only white-homes in the league, why am I not surprised... Sounds like these new uniforms have cluster#$%^ written all over them.
  7. Since most would agree that the Dallas Stars and Minnesota North Stars are the same franchise, why can't Dallas pay full homage to the original team and go with Kelly Green, Black and Athletic Gold? It's such a great look, I don't understand why it has to remain dormant.
  8. Only if the scenery-bear sticks around as their primary logo. Best logo in the league.
  9. I wonder if a Wild championship would be enough to put this conversation out of its misery.
  10. You just pasted the presidential seal on a fairly basic template and called it day. Not a fan.
  11. For me, the hobby started when a friend of mine showed up to school in this very replica. I had lost interest in hockey after the 1994/95 season and wasn't even aware the team had moved from Quebec. This uniform was just so different from anything I'd ever seen before and the 10 year-old in me loved the diagonal stripes, progressive logos and shiny metallic silver, especially on the 'foot' shoulder patches. From that day forward, it was my mission to get my hands on that replica, though I'd end up getting the dark version.
  12. Not even the Avalanche? Now that is unpopular .
  13. The plain O is not remotely interesting and that's the point. Stripes or not, it barely has enough merits to stand as an effective shoulder patch. I agree they should pay homage to their history and that is exactly what their 1991/92 look did. The red and black stripes were retained with a subtle barber-pole effect, and they were finally given a logo with some substance to rally around. Adding gold was also a great way to differentiate themselves from the other red and black teams and helped them forge an identity of their own. The original Senators look achieved everything it needed to and looked pretty doing so. Something similar, with the updated 2D Centurion, could result in one of the best looks in league.
  14. It doesn't matter, it's not the same team. The current Senators have zero cups, regardless of what logo they decide to use.
  15. Classic case of BFBS but even if it was replaced by the darker green, it would still look garish. Downgrade.