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  1. The front of the Flyers jersey is boring but serviceable. The back is a trainwreck.
  2. The name should have been Aces from the beginning. It's not surprising they can't make something as overused and generic as 'Knights' work.
  3. Wow, that looks hideous.
  4. Could this development put an end to this military-glorifying trend that has run rampant in the NHL? I sure hope so. With the exception of the Jets, no brand has looked better for it.
  5. Ottawa and Calgary's owners are clueless. Watch them transfer their horrible designs to the Adidas template, panel for panel.
  6. Interesting find. I wonder if this is a proposed design for the debut of the orca or if it was created after. My guess is the former since that 'shimmer' material debuted the same year of the rebrand. Then again, maybe it's just a fashion jersey. Either way, the uniform looks very drab and lifeless. The 1997-07 set wasn't particularly colourful, to begin with, but at least the blue and metallic silver gave the striping some interest.
  7. I like how the Texas Stars didn't bother to outline the Captain's 'C,' showing just how unnecessary black is to those numbers. The single layers work beautifully for Dallas. It's the best their numbers have looked since on the aforementioned, 1993-94 set
  8. Yes, please.
  9. I think this looks pretty sharp myself.
  10. Certainly easy to favour the more traditional update but I have to say, I like your revision of the original concept. It's fresh, unique and achieves the same outcome without directly ripping off Vancouver. I'd like to see a full set based off either option.
  11. Eh, the Stars cup uniforms have been surpassed by new set in just about every way. Just need to switch out the silver with gold.
  12. No rivalry between the Pens and Flyers? Really? I guess it has been rather one-sided. As for the Flyers futility, I think we can all be thankful the cup wasn't raised in this monstrosity back in 2010. Those sleeves...
  13. Yes, the Bruins have two stripes and the Penguins have one. Still, both designs use solitary athletic gold stripes, the same width, on a black background. The critique of this jersey was not so much about one team ripping off another, but the overall lack of originality. With all the history the team has, they could have done something unique that really knocked it out of the park. Instead, we get a slapdash, albeit traditional, template with a butchered skating penguin.
  14. No . Doesn't change the fact they look ridiculously similar. There are a whopping two teams wearing Athletic Gold, Black and White... It shouldn't be difficult to make the sleeve stripes on their Winter Classic uniforms look different.
  15. Did they lift those sleeve stripes straight from the Bruin's alternate? Did they lift the half-assed hem from the Coyotes? Everything about this jersey screams 'tacky,' from the oversized 'city of champions' patch to the decision to jump the 'shoulder number' bandwagon. It's hard to imagine more than a minute of thought going into this design. F