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  1. Starter made a lot of fashion jerseys in the late 90's but none of them had a fight strap. The numbers are likely custom but the rest of the uniform looks like a legitimate authentic.
  2. I'd be happy if the Jets never changed their uniforms again. The colour scheme is beautiful and the striping achieves the perfect balance of traditional and unique. As for the uniforms used today, they're not bad but nowhere near as good as their main set.
  3. Beautiful uniform, should be their primary
  4. Great job on the Capitals. Nice, clean and bold. The Stars do a better job at tipping the hat to their original uniforms than the script logo does.
  5. The Edmonton Oilers should wear their orange alternates full time. They are that good.
  6. I can't believe this is even a discussion. The Blackhawks logo is one of the best in the league and as tasteful a representation of Native American as you can get. Changing that logo, especially given the team's recent success, would be an absolute travesty.
  7. Yellow disappearing from their primary logo is certainly a bad thing... it's their secondary colour
  8. What's lazy is a design that has yellow and white touching. There's no contrast or definition. The 1994 update fixed that problem without sacrificing what made the logo good.
  9. The Flames retros are good but adding a small amount of black to the striping and removing the shoulder yoke from the roads would put them over the top. It would also be an improvement if they used the shoulder patches from the recently retired alternate. Besides...
  10. It's too similar to their main set to work as an effective alternate. A third jersey should not be a slightly different take on a primary set, but something different entirely... Plus, the shoulder patches are atrocious.
  11. Aesthetically, they are the class of the league. The new Alternate fits with their stellar primaries so well.
  12. Looks like a padlock to me. I think the imagery above is far better than what you initially posted.
  13. Now there's a Lightning concept I can get behind. Light years ahead of the uninspired Leafs knockoffs they wear now.
  14. All valid points, but this uniform is still (astonishingly) better than what the team is wearing now.
  15. This is great news. Boston's third came from the same class of alternate uniforms that brought us the ingenious white version of the Star's worst uniform, Atlanta's football horror-show, and Ottawa's laughable "SNES" clown suit. Like most uniforms of that era, I hated it the second it was unveiled.