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  1. Fair enough. I only commented because I really like that logo. The way the colour gradient sticks out is really eye catching.
  2. 1. Oceans - Pearl Jam 2. Speed Demon - Michael Jackson 3. The Wanderer - U2 4. Worried Now - Sloan 5. Liquid and Light - Chad Vangaalen 6. Dark Centre of the Universe - Modest Mouse 7. Weed Party - Band of Horses 8. To Sheila - Smashing Pumpkins 9. Feels Like Fire - Ryan Adams 10. Climbing Up The Walls - Radiohead 11. Fated - Matthew Good Band 12. Lorca's Novena - The Pogues 13. Pretty Penny - Stone Temple Pilots 14. When The Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin 15. Read My Mind - The Killers 16. Universal Traveller - Air 17. Across The Sea - Weezer 18. Calling All Nations - INXS 19. The Spiderbite Song - Flaming Lips 20. Waiting For The Night - Depeche Mode
  3. Flyers set is perfect. That is exactly the route the team should go.
  4. Rihanna and Calvin Harris' new "song." Literally 4 sustained minutes of "ooh ooh oooh ooh ooh..." It's enough to drive a person nuts.
  5. A name, colour scheme and uniform design...
  6. This looks pretty good but I much prefer the logo in your avatar.
  7. nhl

    Wow! That looks absolutely fantastic. Usually not a fan of Ottawa Senators concepts that use gold in the striping but this one does it beautifully.
  8. That's an unpopular opinion?
  9. I don't think gold and red should ever touch as far as the striping goes. There isn't enough contrast and it makes things look muddled. I think the road white would look just about perfect if you removed gold from the striping altogether. Criticisms aside; I think you're logo is really sharp.
  10. Nope, I think it looks great. If the logo didn't have the chrome outlines and silver striping, it would be even better. Might be wishful thinking but maybe that's what we are going to see.
  11. I can understand liking the current set more. Going with athletic gold was definitely a good decision but I can't for the life of me get over that awful striping configuration with the piping that inexplicably intersects with hem stripes. The updated logo doesn't really get a chance to shine on those uniforms because it feels suffocated by the piping and chest panels. The striping configuration for the inaugural set, on the other hand, was a stroke of genius. It managed to be creative without going over the top. If Nashville was able to create an athletic gold sweater with something similar they'd really be onto something.
  12. These Blues uniforms are so garish compared to the perfection that is their main set. And what's the word mark below the main crest... Did Vancouver teach them nothing?
  13. Your Chicago Blackhawks concept is fantastic. Very clever.
  14. Both of these teams look better here than they do now...