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  1. Buffalo Sabres Concept

    I like the new striping scheme but think your previous logo is vastly superior. The Stars on the outside look great.
  2. New York Rangers Alternate Concept

    This looks way better than the Ferguson era jerseys. Until seeing this concept I didn't think the Rangers primary could even work as a primary crest.
  3. Hand-Drawn NFL Redesign - 5/32 - Dallas Cowboys added

    Or draw out a template and just retrace it for some consistency
  4. NHL Identity Swap Series (NJD/EDM Added)

    Awesome idea for a series! The Oilers don't look too shabby taking a page from the Devil's playbook. Looking forward to seeing more.
  5. Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    Outlaws is slightly better than Knights, in my opinion. The name just rolls off the tongue and the opportunities for potential logos is greater.
  6. Florida Pacmen Video Game: Pac Man Colours: Aqua, Spanish Orange, Orange, Uniform Influences: None The map is now complete and so is the series. C & C appreciated, thanks for looking!
  7. Buffalo Sabres Concept

    I like the logo but think this could benefit from larger waist/sleeve stripes. Maybe something on the shoulders as well.
  8. Unpopular Opinions

    Black. Hard to go darker than navy.
  9. 2nd alt is your strongest Nordiques concept in my humble opinion. The Fleur De Lis logo works well in those colours.
  10. That Boston alternate is a huge improvement over the current. Loving the absence of white.
  11. Unpopular Opinions

    That is without question their best uniform. The contrasting yoke makes a huge difference and so do the hem stripes. Their current home jersey is bland enough to border on 'practice uniform' quality.
  12. Anaheim Assassins Video Game: Goldeneye 007 Colours: Orange, Black, Champagne, Silver Uniform Influences: Anaheim Ducks
  13. I don't think it's that bad