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  1. Where's the numbers on the near sideline for the Broncos? I kinda dig the Cowboys.
  2. Hey, you may be interested in going through and looking at these old logos of different companies, some are MLB related and might be more familiar with. The quiz has you to guess them from earliest to current. http://www.sporcle.com/playlists/WillieG/logos-through-the-ages
  3. I dig these, I'd like to see more white uni's for the host team.
  4. Good comeback for the rams.
  5. Like a lot, I'd rather see either of those Pittsburgh uni's than the '33 bee jerseys.
  6. You have me wanting to doodle, and predict what comes up next, lol
  7. Game in Canton in jeopardy due to the end zones and mid field logo painted this morning...I heard it feels "gummy".
  8. Looking forward to the others.
  9. RIP to Hall of famer Nate Thurmond.
  10. As for the iguodala pic, nothing wrong with giving up a number for a vet, but sucks when they are soon to retire, i remember Josh Smith had 42 before Kevin Willis returned to the Hawks.
  11. New team and number, also can be a 2 for 1 in the players in the wrong uniform thread.
  12. I figure may Cleveland may as well wear gold at home, if game 5 had sleeved alts.