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  1. Art I can feel you,it is NFC heavy.
  2. I dug that 3rd one posted.... they had the font in the late 90's but wouldn't update it in the endzones...D'oh.
  3. I saw rumors about on the falcons boards about going black, I was afraid they'll wear the current version but in black, what a relief, lol.
  4. I don't really care about the 90s helmet and the 60s pants, lol...this is refreshing.
  5. Networks execs blow (expletive)
  6. What's up with the sun devil jerseys?
  7. Red and Black is the new Red and Blue, lol
  8. Yep, a big NFail...
  9. I think that's Alfred Jenkins.
  10. I didn't look up to see who this is but, a Falcon wideout with a wrong shoe..
  11. Surprised a bit the falcons don't have the same numeral font.
  12. How long has Miss St been wearing grey pants? I dig them with similar maroon jerseys in that conference.
  13. Yes as many folks who loved AI, a good bunch didn't really wear his shoes or his gear.
  14. I dig that DC uniform..... that's how I wanna see teams do alts to wear at home, instead of them wearing blue or red, having the road team come in with their home jerseys.