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  1. OK, thanks I'll hold out my hope for new Falcon uniforms for a few more weeks. I'll keep an eye out here for leaks posted for that and other stuff.
  2. How close to the draft will we see more info about new uniforms?
  3. Yes, didn't think about Colon, but then I again I don't follow baseball like I used to.
  4. Pretty much, I can't think of journeymen in MLB they way some hop around in the NBA for 7+ teams and get decent playing time.
  5. Sheeesh, another 0.
  6. cancel
  7. Jeff Hornacek
  8. Doc Rivers (as well as Bird)
  9. Man this :censored: sucks, still.
  10. Blankcheck, just go ahead and change the gdamn uniforms, they are his doings after he got settled in.
  11. February ___ng 5th 2017
  12. Yes you're right about all those events, I long for the filled in zones.
  13. I'm a little curious SB or not, if Atlanta would go red, black or remain green for the new home.
  14. Don't like the falcons jerseys, but I feel you on the red and black, before the 90s the gear was mostly red, and then mostly black under glanville, Jones and Reeves. I do like somewhat of a balance on apparel.
  15. Whatever happens in 2 weeks, I hope the Atlanta execs are not like "we're good", just cuz they reached a SB, as a fan I'd get anything probably except a current jersey.