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  1. RIP to Hall of famer Nate Thurmond.
  2. As for the iguodala pic, nothing wrong with giving up a number for a vet, but sucks when they are soon to retire, i remember Josh Smith had 42 before Kevin Willis returned to the Hawks.
  3. New team and number, also can be a 2 for 1 in the players in the wrong uniform thread.
  4. I figure may Cleveland may as well wear gold at home, if game 5 had sleeved alts.
  5. What was your favorite record label logo, or design on the discs, similar to these.
  6. Paul Millsap if you get a chance
  7. Very clever.
  8. Augusta Jaguars
  9. I guess we won't see too much of the special patches like memorials and anniversary seasons.
  10. Since the Hawks in red were mentioned, it does look better, and glad to see them in it while looking at the Raps/Heat series.
  11. Keanu Neal (hopefully the last season in this particular one)
  12. Are some teams gonna run out of forner draft picks on Friday? Some teams have had better trades than picks. I guess it keeps viewers tuned in to see who's gonna come out.
  13. Maybe someone there moves up to do MNF, NBA and the Masters and whatever else Tirico did. Whom I don't know.