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  1. cancel
  2. Jeff Hornacek
  3. Doc Rivers (as well as Bird)
  4. Man this :censored: sucks, still.
  5. Blankcheck, just go ahead and change the gdamn uniforms, they are his doings after he got settled in.
  6. February ___ng 5th 2017
  7. Yes you're right about all those events, I long for the filled in zones.
  8. I'm a little curious SB or not, if Atlanta would go red, black or remain green for the new home.
  9. Don't like the falcons jerseys, but I feel you on the red and black, before the 90s the gear was mostly red, and then mostly black under glanville, Jones and Reeves. I do like somewhat of a balance on apparel.
  10. Whatever happens in 2 weeks, I hope the Atlanta execs are not like "we're good", just cuz they reached a SB, as a fan I'd get anything probably except a current jersey.
  11. Pittsburgh-KC game moved to 8:20 http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000773767/article/steelerschiefs-start-time-changed-due-to-weather
  12. I kinda like that idea also, magic dynasty.
  13. I agree with the others, but still beats the 2 toned, red/gold and blue with grey on the back.
  14. Oldschoolvikngs, I can get down with that.
  15. Art I can feel you,it is NFC heavy.