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  1. Kareem with the white numbers...
  2. As far the braves, I did like seeing the wordmark titled more, like back in the late 80s and early 90s.
  3. Atlanta falcons, 1966-2002, I'd take any of em.
  4. Illustration from Facebook..
  5. Oh well, someone in the Falcon marketing dept gotta go, and take those jerseys with them.
  6. At least it's a white alt, so road teams won't be coming in wearing their home uniforms.
  7. I hope the Falcons are on the clock.
  8. Well 24 is Jimmy Jackson.
  9. OK, thanks I'll hold out my hope for new Falcon uniforms for a few more weeks. I'll keep an eye out here for leaks posted for that and other stuff.
  10. How close to the draft will we see more info about new uniforms?
  11. Yes, didn't think about Colon, but then I again I don't follow baseball like I used to.