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  1. I thought it might have been you! I didn't wanna say who for sure without confirming it yet but glad to know you saw this, I'll be sure to give you credit when I post their set up!
  2. As promised, I am going to leave a sneak peek for the MFL teams that are currently done. This is a "gritty leak" view of the logos because I am not ready to release them all completely yet and some of the logos you will see could even be subject to change. That being said, the only logos I have created myself are the top 4 and the MFL logo in the center. The other logos are all logos that were either created by @raysox or @elliott, and also @HarperK who created the Tropics logo. I am not 100% sure who created the Nightmare and Shockers logos, I'll have to do some more digging or pm some of the old owners to find out but I will have that taken care of before I start the new thread to present because I want to make sure everyone gets credit where credit is deserved. Some of the old teams that are shown will have some stuff re-done or re-worked for them but for now these are the logos that will serve as placeholders. Like i said, I wanted this preview to have a rough leaked out type of feel to it so it sparks some interest but you won't get the full effect until I actually release the graphics with logo and uniform guides. Check out the official leaked logos from the NFL's 2016 Minor Football League! So with that, I'm going to close down the Minor League discussion in this thread. You guys have left some great suggestions and I'm looking forward to moving ahead with the project. If you want to discuss some more things about it with me feel free to leave questions or comments here or send me a PM. Other than that this thread will be moving forward and will either die down completely or I'll rejuvenate it if I can get around to updating the NFL concepts and completing some of the other NFL stuff that I've talked about doing.
  3. I'll give it a shot, I actually completed the logo set for the Platypi today and I like the green/orange/brown scheme but I could play around with it just to see what it would look like at least. @TheBigBuc I'm going to keep most of the team names I wrote down not in bold. They are sort of grandfathered into the league and I'll describe how exactly the team name came about. The Nightmare ended up working pretty well because a member on the boards created a logo set for them centered around a horse with a western themed wordmark. The Orlando Suns name suggestion is interesting, I may throw that into the ring with the other possibilities and see what turns out the best. I also like your Albuquerque suggestions, Albuquerque Atoms has a nice ring to it, I'm going to see if the Green Chilies name works out though for sketches and the possible logo. I'm going to work on the Pro Bowl stuff tonight so that I can try to get the update out of the way and I might even give y'all a small sneak peak at the MLF stuff, probably going to just use the original 9 teams that are in for that though just because all of the new logos are my own creation and I'd like to reveal them with the actually league when that time comes. As of now, I think most of the suggestions you guys have given are great and I've got some stuff to play around with, I'm trying to get the logos and stuff out of the way so that all I have to worry about is the Style Guides. Once I get there, I'll get back to this thread and post all of the updates I have planned for the NFL. Edit: A couple of you have brought up the Archers name for St. Louis and nailed pretty much my idea for it. I like the idea of referencing the arch and using a Archer as the logo, in fact I've thought about modeling the logo somewhat after the Marvel character "Hawkeye." I could even go with a Light Purple/Dark Purple color scheme with some type of third color to add which would actually be a good idea considering there are no purple teams in the league as of now and there is a lot of use of red, blue, green, orange and yellow.
  4. @Magic Dynasty I may go with Steamboats or Gateways, I like both of those. St. Louis is actually the only team that I don't have any sketches for at all so I will probably sketch out all three and see which I like the best. I like your suggestion for "Admirals." I like that it sounds better but keeps the same theme so I'd be okay with changing the name there! @christianreitz Thanks for the response! I chose the "Neptunes" name over a military name just because of the fact that Connecticut is close by and already features a military theme. While I was researching some of these cities I noticed the Neptune statue in Virginia Beach and that there is a Neptune festival and just loved the uniqueness of that theme. That being said, I found out that there is a independent baseball team located there with the same name but I decided to ignore that for this league. I've got the logo already created and I like how it turned out so I'm going to stick with. Interesting you mention the stadium possibilities, I was actually planning on VB having a new fictional stadium! As far as the other teams go....all of the teams that are not in bold excluding Virginia Beach and Bronx are basically grandfathered into this league. I like to think that the NFL bought the rights to our former "independent" minor league and shut it down for a couple of years to completely restructure it but decided to keep most of the original teams due to the success of the league's first run. Keep in mind that I am planning to expand to 16 more locations as a part 2 of this project when I get there but for now it seemed more realistic to me to tackle 16 teams before the 2016 season rolls around and after I complete that. I can start working on the 16 expansion teams with a lot of time up until the 2017 season. I have various locations down but not a lot set in stone for that just yet, my goal is to give every NFL team their own Minor League team and have that team located in a nearby market where there is no professional football although that will not always be the case. I should also mention for St. Louis, my roommate was talking to me about the gothic architecture in the town so that was one thought I had for a team there, I could go with something like "Gargoyles" as well although I still like the other suggestions as well... the St. Louis team is the most wide open team right now for name suggestions.
  5. This is a interesting bunch, really great ideas here overall! Cowboys: I like that you standardized the colors more. The design here is pretty interesting, really out of the box and I like that but I don't if it is the view throwing me off or what but something seems kind of off about the sleeve to me. I'm assuming the point that is visible is the top point of the star? Maybe try centering it up on shoulder a little bit more so that it appears on both the front and back view? I don't know it just feels odd to me that it only appears on the front but I really like the idea here. Giants: Nice and clean cut which is what the Giants should have IMO. Eagles: Nailed it, this looks beautiful. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the collar, I think you could either ditch it completely or add another stripe at the top to match the sleeve stripe's style. Warriors: Love the criss-cross stripe. I really have no critiques for this one, the logo looks awesome as well.
  6. I like the Green Chiles name, that could be really unique and seems appropriate for a Minor League Baseball team so I think it fits in nicely here. I could even keep the 47's color scheme with it and just use the 47's for their throwback uniforms. What else y'all got for me? The biggest one I'm stuck on is the St. Louis name.
  7. llfhockey

    I think it looks great especially for your first try. Looks good enough to be an action template IMO. The only critique I could give is maybe working on the face a little bit more (especially the forehead) but I don't think it hurts the illustration the way it is now at all. You really nailed the execution on it and I'm sure you'll get even better the more do it!
  8. Lime and Orange sounds perfect for Orlando. I'm still kind of iffy on the Orchards name but I'm not against it. I get where you are coming from for the 89ers as well, I like the 89ers name and the reasoning behind it, someone mentioned it earlier in this thread. I actually have a logo sketched out for it as well. That being said, I'd be more open to changing Albuquerque's name. The Lincoln franchise in the folded league I linked started out as the Albuquerque 47's which is why I was going to bring that name back but it is based on the Roswell UFO sighting in New Mexico and there could be a number of name changes regarding the same theme such as Aliens, Invaders, UFO's, etc. The alien theme does not have to stay though, especially since the team is in Albuquerque and the incident the team name refers to actually took place in Roswell. Any other suggestions for the Albuquerque name? Speaking of Bats, I was thinking of using that name for a team located in Little Rock, Arkansas but that would have to take place with a possible expansion further into the series. I agree with the Archers name as well. I've got some ideas for a possible logo but I wouldn't mind hearing more name possibilities on it.
  9. I'm going to give this a bump. I am going to try and get the helmet for the NFC and AFC updated by tomorrow sometime and as I said before I'll post helmets for each team. Before I get to that though, I'd like to open up the discussion for my next project. As I said before, the next series is going to serve as a Minor League for the NFL. I am calling it the Minor Football League, it is drawing its main inspiration from a former fantasy league that @raysox and I created about 6 years ago (I think). Here is a link to the original league. I am planning on using 9 of the 10 teams from that league for the MFL's 2016 season. The only team I am excluding is the Memphis Kings because they were moving to Orlando before we folded our fantasy league. The Memphis Kings franchise will (hopefully) return in 2017 because I plan to expand with 16 more teams by that time. Before I get there though, I am starting with 16 franchises that are serving as minor league teams for a NFC and AFC team in the NFL. I'm going to list the teams for you guys and will take suggestions for certain color schemes and a few names as well. 1. Alabama Gladiators (Red/Black/Two-toned Silver) - Atlanta Falcons, Tennessee Titans 2. Albuquerque Green Chilies (Neon Green/Black/Bright Red) - Arizona Cardinals, Indianapolis Colts 3. Boise Grizzlies (Dark Brown/Tan/Forrest Green) - Minnesota Vikings, Cincinnati Bengals 4. Bronx Pinstripes (Navy/White/Gray) - New York Giants, New York Jets 5. Hartford Navy (Stale Navy/Light Yellow/Charcoal) - Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots 6. Hawaii Tropics (Tropic Orange/Aqua/White) - San Francisco 49ers, San Diego Chargers 7. Las Vegas Aces (Maroon/Vegas Gold/Cherry Red) - Los Angeles Rams, Oakland Raiders 8. Lincoln Pioneers (Light Brown/Old Gold/White) - Green Bay Packers, Cleveland Browns 9. Louisville Shockers (Golden Yellow/Black/Electric Blue) - Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers 10. Oklahoma City 89ers (Red-Brown/Blue) - New Orleans Saints, Jacksonville Jaguars 11. Orlando Orchards or Oranges (Citrus Orange/Lime Green) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins 12. Portland Platipi (Green/Orange/Light Brown) - Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos 13. Quebec Polaris (Ice Blue/Navy Blue/White) - Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills 14. San Antonio Nightmare (Black/Glow-in-the-Dark Green) - Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans 15. St. Louis Archers (Purple/Red/Silver) - Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs 16. Virginia Beach Neptunes (Vegas Gold/Sea Blue) - Washington Redskins, Baltimore Ravens So as you can see the teams in bold are the ones I really want to discuss with you guys. As far as how the league is going to work, I'm going to try and create a system for how to fill out rosters. I was thinking that each team gets a 53 man roster just like the NFL. Each NFL team is allowed to have 10 players on a practice squad now, so my thinking at the moment is that all 10 of the teams players would go to their Minor League team which would fill out 20 spots for each team. The other 33 spots would fill out by two different drafts. A smaller draft that allows teams to draft 10 more players based on geography (where the players went to college) to create more interest in each state's team and another larger draft that would fill out the teams final 23 spots. These are just ideas I have at the moment. The first thing I'm going to do is create and present each team's uniforms and logos in a separate thread. Hopefully I'll be done with the entire thing by the time the NFL season rolls around and after that I'd like to fill out the team's practice squad members and then figure out a way to list players who can fill out the rest of the rosters, I'll have to figure out a way to automatically fill out rosters by the end of it and will eventually do some type of simulation or fictional history for it. Leave me any thoughts you have. I would be open for some collaboration with the project as well, I am trying to create most of the new logos myself but if you have any extra ideas for anything or want to be more involved with this, you can shoot me a pm for that kind of stuff. Anyways, leave me some suggestions!
  10. I actually like that idea a lot. I'll give that a try! For every one of my concepts, you can find what I would consider the team's Primary logo (in my series) in the top right corner so for the Brown's I would be using the B/Stripe/Football logo haha. I'll try and get all of those helmets mocked up tonight or over the weekend just so we can look at what each team's helmets would look like. Thanks for the compliment!
  11. PRO BOWL UNIFORMS Starting off the Pro Bowl post with the Pro Bowl uniforms, I may mock up each team's helmet for the Pro Bowl but before I put in all of that time, let's see how well these are received. Basically my idea for the Pro Bowl was to do what I did with the majority of the teams in the series, mix a little of tradition with a little bit of modern elements. That being said, there are actually a couple of inspirations for these uniforms. The first AFC-NFC Pro Bowl featured some elements used here, mainly the conference specific helmets with either a 'A' or 'N' logo on each side and the two-toned striping seen on the NFC uniforms. I also brought back the 'AMERICAN' and 'NATIONAL' wordmarks for each jersey which Nike also brought back for their lone AFC-NFC Pro Bowl match-up in 2012. You could also say this uniform took some inspiration from the 2010 and 2011 looks which featured a two-toned sleeve stripe along with stars on the chest. I basically tried to make the design my own, using a star in the center of the sleeve and stripes that stream from it to create somewhat of a unique yoke pattern. The helmets are the most unique feature of the entire set, one side features the Conference logo while the other side features the team's primary logo which would create something never seen before for teams like the Browns, Bengals, Rams, Eagles, etc. Each helmet also features a star on the back featuring the players number inside it. Oh and I'm showing off my new presentation template that will be used for my next series. I'm going to start working on updates, they may come a little slow as I have not had as much free time as I had hoped for this summer but I will try to post them all up around the same time. I would also like to get all of the throwback match-ups on this template as well as some photo realistic concepts but those may come in the form of a blog post or a photo bucket album that I would eventually create if I get the time to do so. I'm going to let this sit for the next day or so and then open up discussion for my Minor League Football series which will follow this. I have a lot of ideas and think it has more potential than this thread but I would like to get all of the discussion for it out in the open here before starting a new thread since I am not ready to post any designs for it just yet. Thanks again for all of the kind words, you guys have been great and I hope you enjoy the Pro Bowl uniforms.
  12. I'm actually a fan of the name "Juice" but I could try out "Orchards", I'll agree that it rolls off the tongue similar. I could possibly just go with Oranges as well.
  13. I don't think there is anything wrong with the updated White Sox logo, removing the gray and the heel and toe outline might be the only thing I'd remove but I also don't mind having both of them there. I think it is an improvement over the old ones. Gotta admit, I got a chuckle out of the Swaggy P meme too. This last group might be your best group so far. The Rockie's helmets look awesome and the Tigers and Astro's are top notch. I like the Royals, I'm afraid that the helmet/pants stripe might clash a little bit with the might just be the crown being gold on the home and away as the white crown on the alternate works a little bit better IMO. I get what you went for though with the gold crown so I'm not sure it would really work better swapping the colors out. The double outline also gives me a Rays vibe but there isn't much you can do about that since they share similar color schemes.
  14. Excellent sketches! I really like the Travelers set! Looking forward to seeing more!
  15. Thanks for all of the compliments guys! I'm looking forward to hearing some more thoughts on the series overall as well and as I stated before I'm not completely done with the thread just yet since I'm gonna do Pro Bowl uniforms and some other extra stuff. @OnWis97 Thanks for the write-up! Those are some great suggestions and it got me thinking of making somewhat of a to-do list for some of the alterations I'm planning, I'll put it in spoilers for less clutter. I think that is about it. Like I said before though, I would love to hear more thoughts on the series and if anyone else has suggestions on any of the teams! The main reason I posted here is to try and perfect these ideas and you guys have been great so I'm all for the suggestions!