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  1. Minor League Hockey Shake-up...coming

    It would be weird having a 5-team pseudo-league; is there any chance there are some games played against central teams (Iowa, Texas, Milwaukee, etc.)--or less likely--are there going to be more than 5 teams on the West Coast? What should happen is for Vancouver to move their AHL franchise out of Utica, NY and out to the west. This would create a six-team Western Division for the AHL. Making a schedule would be a piece of cake. Surprised all of the cheap suits in Springfield and NHL HQ didn't think of it. Utica would be more suited to the ECHL and would have closer in-state rivals like Elmira and it looks like Glens Falls.
  2. Ry, sorry it took so long to respond to your July, 2012 post. The sleeve striping is what is referred to as the "Utah" striping.

  3. Arena Rafters & Banners

    Those Billy Joel, etc. banners are inappropriate for arenas, just like "WNBA Attendance Leaders." Heck, if you want to go that route the Toronto Maple Leafs could put up a "Not an unsold seat since 1946" banner at the ACC. Talk about silliness. And I'm a Leafs fan!
  4. Unused Logos and Uniforms

    Actually, this logo of a jaguar looked to much like Jaguar's jaguar so in actuality, Jaguar had beef with the Jacksonville Jaguars jaguar logo. ...and who owns jaguar?... Tata Motors true that. till 08 and at the time of the jags, twas ford. I know. I was attempting to be a smart ass. Interesting how Jaguar went from being owned by a bunch of asses to being owned by boobies. Hey pal- If FORD is such a bunch of asses then why are they the only U.S. car company to not be bailed out and taken over by the government? Ford has been doing very well on their own recently. And they don't owe Chairman Barack cent one. And FYI- this is Post No. 999 for me-the same number as the famous race car built by FORD and driven to many records by the legendary Barney Oldfield.
  5. Dallas Mavericks Concept

    Sorry, but the green and blue are just too passive, too preppie. They're OK colors for some Division III women's college, but not an NBA team from the State of Texas.
  6. Sabres back in blue and yellow

    The Sabres are now owned by Tom Golisano of Rochester, NY. Golisano owns Paychex and is a muti-gazillionaire. He's a smart businessman and believe me the Sabres are no longer in "dire" financial straits.
  7. Bills NOT going throwback in 2006

    And the team will continue to be as bogus as their uniforms.
  8. Chicago Stags

    Exactly my point, gentlemen. Throwback uniforms in any sport should be as close to the original style and fit as possible. I've been involved with basketball uniforms for over 40 years. When I was in high school in the early '60s the jerseys were made of a nylon/durene knit with tackle twill lettering and numbers. And jerseys were worn very tight and with no tee-shirts or cut-off "wife-beater" undershirts showing. That was a no-no. Some teams wore tee-shirt-style uniforms but the sleeves were part of the actual jersey. Almost ALL basketball shorts were made of a material called "government satin." It was a tightly-woven material with a satiny shine to it. The material had no stretch whatsoever. I was the equipment manager and the bigger guys on the team always went for the smallest-size shorts they could get on. Take a look at old pictures of basketball uniforms. If today's throwbacks could be worn a little more form-fitting and with the shorts actually being shorts, not pants a Venice boatman would wear, you'd have a better look. I can't stand the Knicks, but their throwbacks with the zebra-striped piping are classic, but then I'm partial to Orange & Blue. My high school's road uniforms used to be Orange jerseys with Royal shorts. Everyone in our region knew who we were just by our uniforms.
  9. Chicago Stags

    I happen to like those Chicago Stags throwbacks. And if they really wanted to make them look authentic the uniforms would be skin tight with short-shorts. That look is classic '40s-'50s basketball. For a team to have a different colored jersey and shorts was a common practice in the old days. The Philadelphia 76ers wore red jerseys and royal shorts early in their tenure in Philly ('63-'64). I wish some of you younger people could appreciate those uniforms for what they are and stop your whining. These old threads are classic when compared to some of the new garbage styles and cuts teams are wearing. Most teams today look like rec league rejects.
  10. Iowa basketball question

    You better enjoy the gold this year. I believe in 2006-07 there's a rule change stating that "white uniforms only" must be worn by the home team. No more gold, silver, powder blue or orange at home.
  11. Olympic Hockey jerseys

    I'm so old I actually remember the USA Gold Medal team from Squaw Valley in 1960. The uniforms that the USA wore that year were exact copies of the New York Rangers, the only difference being "USA" in place of "RANGERS." They even used the Rangers' Royal Blue. Although not original in design they were unmistakably the USA when you saw them on the ice, although the games were all in black & white. These are the best unis the USA has ever worn.
  12. Olympic hockey helmets

    I think the navy helmet would be better for the USA. Did anyone see the little feature showing the Nike people heat-sealing on the "C" on Chelios' jersey? It looked like something you'd have done at your local mall or ice rink pro shop. How bogus! Don't you think the USA numbers should have a red outline? Aren't Canada's outlined? Also, has anyone noticed the back of the players' socks? It looks like they have a similar "wavy" mesh insert like the sides of the jerseys do. By the way, those vertical sock stripes are a total waste. Thank God the Canadians still wear conventional-looking hose. USA! USA! USA!
  13. Canaian olympic outfits....

    Akma- What's a "poplar bear?" Is that an ursine creature that is adored by everyone?
  14. Houston NHL concept

    Not to throw cold water on your concept, but the "H" logo with the orbiting spaceship is a little close to the Houston Comets' secondary logo. The WNBA team uses an "H" with a comet circling around it on their shorts. You can look it up on CC's logo page. Good job, though. I like the last blue jersey with "HOUSTON" on it.
  15. Icecap's NHL re-design

    Ice- Those Leaf sets are excellent now that you've updated them. Why don't you run them by the folks at MLSE. The Nords look nice, just a little too much red. And the western clubs don't do anything for me. Then there is really not much to work with. Possible idea for Vancouver- try an updated version of the old Western (Pro) Hockey League lumberjack from the '60s. That would make a great logo, and the crossed axes in some sort of "V" shape could make a nice secondary or sleeve logo.