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  1. Minor League Hockey Shake-up...coming

    It would be weird having a 5-team pseudo-league; is there any chance there are some games played against central teams (Iowa, Texas, Milwaukee, etc.)--or less likely--are there going to be more than 5 teams on the West Coast? What should happen is for Vancouver to move their AHL franchise out of Utica, NY and out to the west. This would create a six-team Western Division for the AHL. Making a schedule would be a piece of cake. Surprised all of the cheap suits in Springfield and NHL HQ didn't think of it. Utica would be more suited to the ECHL and would have closer in-state rivals like Elmira and it looks like Glens Falls.
  2. Ry, sorry it took so long to respond to your July, 2012 post. The sleeve striping is what is referred to as the "Utah" striping.

  3. Arena Rafters & Banners

    Those Billy Joel, etc. banners are inappropriate for arenas, just like "WNBA Attendance Leaders." Heck, if you want to go that route the Toronto Maple Leafs could put up a "Not an unsold seat since 1946" banner at the ACC. Talk about silliness. And I'm a Leafs fan!
  4. Unused Logos and Uniforms

    Actually, this logo of a jaguar looked to much like Jaguar's jaguar so in actuality, Jaguar had beef with the Jacksonville Jaguars jaguar logo. ...and who owns jaguar?... Tata Motors true that. till 08 and at the time of the jags, twas ford. I know. I was attempting to be a smart ass. Interesting how Jaguar went from being owned by a bunch of asses to being owned by boobies. Hey pal- If FORD is such a bunch of asses then why are they the only U.S. car company to not be bailed out and taken over by the government? Ford has been doing very well on their own recently. And they don't owe Chairman Barack cent one. And FYI- this is Post No. 999 for me-the same number as the famous race car built by FORD and driven to many records by the legendary Barney Oldfield.
  5. Denver Bears

    Here's a pretty good history of the Bears/Zephyrs. Here are some photos I have from old programs. The first three are from a 1964 program, the last is from 1972 (actually a pic of the previous year's championship squad). Perhaps because they remind me of my youth, I think the home uniforms with the script "Bears" in red with navy drop shadow are the greatest ever... Also love the sleeve patch with bear holding the bat. I've ordered a 1969 home jersey from Ebbets Field Flannels; it should be pretty much like the ones in the picture of the 1971 team above. Alas, it won't have the distinctive script and drop-shadow of the mid-sixties unis. The Denver Bears may have held first place each day in the American Association. But they ended up losing the 1971 Little World Series in seven games to the Rochester Red Wings who were led by Don Baylor, Bobby Grich, Johnny Oates, Terry Crowley and Rich Coggins. All seven mid-September games were played at Rochester's Silver (nee Red Wing) Stadium because Mile High Stadium was taken over by the Broncos. I attended some of the games with the Wings and Bears alternating being the home team. The Red Wings won game seven 9-6 without Grich (who had been called up to Baltimore to replace an injured Mark Belanger) before 7,517 fans who were very cordial to the visiting Bears.
  6. Buffalo Sabres Concept

    That's the same jersey the Buffalo Bisons of the American Hockey League used in their final season of 1969-70. The Herd wore Red jerseys with Royal stripes with a White outline and White numbers outlined in Royal. The White jersey had Red stripes outlined in Royal. Ditto for the numbers. Both sets carried the Pepsi bottle cap logo. The Herd wore Red pants (Ranger style). They were nice uniforms, but not as good as the UCLA-striped sweaters used from 1959-69.
  7. Denver Bears

    Roxfan, Is that Frank "Bullets" Verdi wearing the pinstriped uniform in the picture at the bottom of the page? Verdi had a long relationship with the Rochester Red Wings as a player and later on the manager. While coaching third base for the Wings in Havana he was hit in the head by a stray bullet from a Cuban soldier's machine gun on July 26, 1959. Verdi was coaching third because Rochester manager Cot Deal had been ejected earlier. Verdi happened to be wearing a plastic cap liner and the slug defelected off that but tore the wool cap. Deal didn't wear the liner so who knows what would have happened. Havana Sugar Kings shortstop Leonardo "Chico" Cardenas was wounded in the shoulder during the melee. The game was suspended at that point. July 26 is Castro's big holiday. Soldiers were let in to ElGran Stadium for free and there were barrels of rum all over the place for people to drink from. The soldier who fired the shots was probably inebriated. Red Wing pitcher Artie Kay, who would make Rochester his off-season home, told me years later that when the bullets started flying the Red Wings bullpen crew ran right for the clubhouse in center field. Havana would continue in the International League until mid-1960 when the team was moved to Jersey City in the interests of player safety. Cuban-born players (notably Francisco "Pancho" Herrera of the Buffalo Bisons) for other IL teams would remain at a hotel in Miami (also in the IL) while their teams went to Cuba for fear that Uncle Fidel wouldn't let them return to the USA. Verdi's nickname is a result of that fateful night.
  8. New logo for Nascar

    Yea, that's the way to start a point. Let's insult the person, not the idea. I'm sorry if I offended you. But when you insulted Ford you insulted me. And I take that personally. I'll say no more on this topic. BTW, i'm a Chevy man.
  9. New logo for Nascar

    I'm sorry. I forgot that all of you 20-somethings are of the PC generation.
  10. New logo for Nascar

    Sorry, Dad.
  11. New logo for Nascar

    JQK- You're a flaming idiot. The Ford Fusion is one of the best cars out there today. But the media is so biased towards the Jap manufacturers (Japan sell an inferior product? Impossible! Yeah, right.) that you'll never hear about all the V-8 engine failures by Toyota in their Tundra trucks. What kind of rice burner do YOU drive? A Prius? FYI- If Ford, GM and Mopar could wean themselves away from the albatross contracts the UAW has saddled them with for years then the US "Big Three" could compete more favorably with the Japs. And how has Toyota done in Nextel Cup this year? And BTW- FORD stands for First On Race Day!
  12. New logo for Nascar

    With the current way NASCAR is going why don't they put a bowtie on their logo and call it what it is- The Chevy Racing Series. At last count there are around three times the Chevys running as compared to any other manufacturer. And even though they suspend the crew chiefs the Chevy drivers still do well every week. You want to stop the cheating? Then suspend Jeffypoo Gordon, Jimmmmmie Johnson, Tony the Tiger Stewart and Little EEEEEEEEE and it (cheating) would stop immediately. But no, we can't suspend our pretty boy racers. And while we're at it without the technical innovations put in by Ford people throughout the history of NASCAR the sport would still be a bunch of Good Ol' Boy rednecks running their 'shine haulers on county fairgrounds tracks in Pigs Knuckle, NC and Possum Trot, Tennessee. It was Ford people like Ralph Moody of Holman Moody that created the modern stock car chassis by modifying the 1965 Ford Galaxie. Or Mercury's Bud More who proved that a properly tuned Ford 351 Cleveland or Windsor small-block V-8 could run all day at 180+ MPH. And the Wood Brothers of Stuart, VA who have exclusively run Ford products since 1954 in their #21 car developed the modern pit stop choreography in the early 1960s that cut literal MINUTES off from pit stop time into mini-seconds. And every car running in NASCAR today uses the Ford 9-inch differntial rear-end. Those Ford rear-ends are known as "bulletproof. But to hear the average NASCAR fan talk you'd think that racing didn't start until Dale Sr. started running people off the tracks in the 1970s. No, wake up NASCAR, get a little more parity in the sport before you start losing more fans like me. You guys (NASCAR) have short memories. In the 1960s when Ford and Mopar were dominating the track and Chevy didn't even run (except for a couple of independents) you went and begged GM to come back. Now Ford and Mopar are struggling and we don't hear a thing from you. C'mon, let's be fair about this or as I say, it will end up as the Chevy Racing Series. If I sound predjudiced for Ford, well I am. I am a born-and-bred 100% Blue Oval guy who has followed racing for 50 years and has researched just how the sport has progressed. I know what I'm talking about. "Watch the FORDs going by and you'll say...You're ahead in a FORD all the way."
  13. new kits for 07/08 season

    I can't believe that this topic is still around. We could have agreed on World Peace for the amount of time spent on these damn soccer uniforms, basically a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. Give it a rest, please!
  14. Boston Celtics

    It's a SHAMROCK, not a "clover," duh?
  15. New York Yankees number font...........

    The Bronx Bumblers have used the standard full-block font from Wilson for years. This is also the same font that the Tigers use on their home whites. Stahls makes all the MLB fonts (except Wahington). Go to stahls.com and look under "Ball Park Styles."