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  1. I feel as if this is the best of the lot. The first badger flag could be good, if only the badger were single-coloured.
  2. Really unusual color schemes (that work)

    I feel like all Atlanta has to do to have a quality set was give up the light blue and use white in its place. Five colours is just too much, and outside of their alternate jersey (which became a fulltime look), the light blue was only used sporadically anyways.
  3. Bizarre/Unusual Numbers on Jerseys

    In one of his autobiographies (I'm thinking it was Bad As I Wanna Be, but don't remember for sure), Dennis Rodman says that he picked 91 because his number was taken, and that he chose it because it was the first two numbers of dialing 9-1-1. Apparently, he got special permission from the league to wear the number, and was surprised when they actually allowed him to given his history of bad behaviour on the court. It's been 10+ years since I read his book, though, so that may not be completely accurate. I definitely recall the 9-1-1 bit, though.
  4. Coca-Cola vs Pepsi logos

    I liked the simplicity of the early-1990s Pepsi logo. It's what I was used to seeing on vending machines as a kid, and it's still what I think of when I think 'Pepsi'. Well, that and tacos.
  5. Political Logos

    Does anyone else find Bernie Sanders' use of his first name to be an interesting decision? Aside from Hillary, he's the only candidate who has chosen to use his first name. I'm thinking that might be a conscious choice in branding himself as her possible running mate. I know it's not directly related to the logo, but it's definitely related to the brand he's chosen for himself. Hillary-Bernie 2016; that way there's no awkward Hillary-Sanders, because it's hard to imagine Clinton actually running as 'Clinton'.
  6. The Capitals set is awesome. At first I just liked it because of the overall retro feel, which reminded me of the New York Americans. I noted the three stars to represent DC, and then the Washington Monument in the 'W' (very subtle, I love that feature). It took me a few seconds to spot, which is how good design should be. Definitely there, definitely very specific, but not glaringly in your face. I think their real 'Weagle' logo suffers from being just too obvious with how they hid the Monument, whereas yours is much more seamless.
  7. Unless there are 7,500 fans hiding in the bottom right corner out of camera view, all I have to say is, "10,074 my ass!"
  8. I thought this was going to be a link to The Onion. This is an identity so bad, that if they copied the story verbatim, it'd look like their own work.
  9. Letter-modified Pro logos

    Is it just me, or is the Kingston one completely without logic? What the heck does the 'C' stand for?
  10. I would pay serious dough for a game with a great create-a-team feature. Ditto a great create-a-ballpark feature in a baseball game. When I pop in a sports game, checking out the create modes is one of the first things I do.
  11. My solution to the issue of realignment in the NHL: Move Detroit to the Central time zone.
  12. Ann Coulter is a Coyotes fan?
  13. I doubt it. They couldn't convince the IOC to keep baseball. How much of the world really plays baseball though? Every civilization (or damn near) in the history of humankind has had some form of wrestling, and modern wrestling is a direct descendent of pankration... one of the original olympic disciplines. I think that was the exact reason the IOC gave for taking baseball off the Olympic program. There are only about 8-10 countries who are really into baseball, maybe a dozen where a reasonable enough number play it to even have a hope in hell of being competitive. That doesn't really make for an Olympic sport.
  14. Wrestling is basically the last sport that should ever get pulled from the Olympics, aside from the track and field sports.
  15. Apparently the guy who owns the Portland Winter Hawks of the WHL may be interested in the Coyotes. Gotta say, Portland would make a whole lot more sense than Phoenix, and possibly more than Seattle, too. In Seattle, the NHL would definitely be #4, maybe even #5 behind MLS. In Portland, the worst they could be is #3, and the market is still a decent size.