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  1. Isn't that the mom from One Day at a time?
  2. Looks like he'll be on your next episode of Dateline.
  3. Did he get those Adidas from Shoe Carnival?
  4. What...Is....That?
  5. Okay, so we've done the whole ugly uniform thing for various reasons, but I'm upping the ante. The usual ugly sports uniform PLUS an ugly athlete wearing them. Sam Cassell should be shown here along with Manute Bol. I'm expecting greatness from us all, so who's first?
  6. That was your dazzle fabric era, where black jerseys looked like a wet Hefty bag.
  7. Got this at a Lids Outlet in Indianapolis of all places. Price: $5.00. Almost wept at my luck. Not necessarily a thrift store find, but what are the chances you'd find Tulane ANYTHING in Indy??
  8. The helmet is easy enough to find. Its the jerseys I want more than anything.
  9. I can think of a bunch of names that are more appropriate than something that doesn't exist yet is shoehorned into the local lexicon. Krewe? Bucs? Tarpons? Fightin' Al Scramuzzas? ANYTHING is better than some made up name for a king cake baby.
  10. Reminds me of these....
  11. G*ddamn Baby Cakes. Just....kill the franchise and start over with a local owner that won't name the team after what they think a KING CAKE BABY is called. Beignets, okay. WT-HOLY-F IS A BABY CAKE??? Angry local just whining here...
  12. Here's my $0.02... 1.) Teams with sports equipment in their logo. I work under an assumption that we fans have a vague understanding of the sport in which our teams play in. 2.) The amount of NBA teams with similar colors in their schemes. Also hate the shirt jerseys. 3.) Saints all-black unis. They look like a low-budget high school team. 4.) Mismatched colors on uniforms. Cowboys, I'm talking to you. Stop honoring bad fabric choices and pick a silver and blue. 5.) Non-unique MLB number fonts. I get that one company makes jerseys but stop looking like Joe's Jersey Shack in Altoona designs and makes your numbers. Be unique but match your scheme. That is all.
  13. Pants are different along with the font of the numbers. It's not exactly the same. I'd like to see THAT jersey in black, correct font, with the white pants. That's what I meant 😁.
  14. Is it too much to ask to go back to these permanently? Please? And while your at it Nike, think you've got the time to match up the damn gold on the helmet and jerseys and not use that "generic slacks beige" you insist on using? Thxbye. P.S. Can someone use this pic to render what the jersey would look like in black? Kthanx.
  15. This isn't just my whale. It's the whole damn pod of whales.