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  1. One Year Uniforms

    Wore these for only one season...those wide gold stripes and those....pants. Ugh. Saints only wore solid white on the road for one whole season (1975). Solid set all around and I think they'd do well to bring back the white pants full time...
  2. Bizarre/Unusual Numbers on Jerseys

    What the hell?? All these teams, all these uniforms. I can't wait for his garage sale.
  3. Ugly unis + ugly athlete = GOLD.

    Yes. Any and all athletes are allowed as long and they are aesthetically unappealing along with their uniforms. Go crazy. Be mean. Have fun.
  4. Ugly unis + ugly athlete = GOLD.

    "Hallo. I vud like to tall yu abowt dees bawl heer. Issa geeft ifa yu take eet, da? Den we doo da marrying? I loff yu." That's what I get out of that photo.
  5. Ugly unis + ugly athlete = GOLD.

    That's one bad ass Yella boy with one bad ass 70's rec league jersey bruh.
  6. Ugly unis + ugly athlete = GOLD.

    Sorry...couldn't forget this guy. That's a jersey of a sort, right?
  7. Ugly unis + ugly athlete = GOLD.

    Fellas, you're all winners in my book. Stay ugly, athletes.
  8. Ugly unis + ugly athlete = GOLD.

    Isn't that the mom from One Day at a time?
  9. Ugly unis + ugly athlete = GOLD.

    Looks like he'll be on your next episode of Dateline.
  10. Ugly unis + ugly athlete = GOLD.

    Did he get those Adidas from Shoe Carnival?
  11. Ugly unis + ugly athlete = GOLD.

  12. Okay, so we've done the whole ugly uniform thing for various reasons, but I'm upping the ante. The usual ugly sports uniform PLUS an ugly athlete wearing them. Sam Cassell should be shown here along with Manute Bol. I'm expecting greatness from us all, so who's first?
  13. NBA Changes 2016-17 Season

    That was your dazzle fabric era, where black jerseys looked like a wet Hefty bag.
  14. Thrift Store Gems 2017

    Got this at a Lids Outlet in Indianapolis of all places. Price: $5.00. Almost wept at my luck. Not necessarily a thrift store find, but what are the chances you'd find Tulane ANYTHING in Indy??