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  1. Just North America on the spring league.... The Rams will kinda show up in the spring as well...
  2. That's a wrap on this one I hope to start my Spring League in the coming week(s)... Let me know what you think....
  3. WINNIPEG WOLVES Founded 1937 Based In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Home Field Investors Group Field Head Coach Wayne Giordano General Manager Wayne Giordano Owner(s) Winnipeg Wolves Football Club (Community Shared Owned) Colours Brown, Gold, & White Canada's Cup 3 Brief History: Winnipeg is the fourth oldest team but is last in Cup wins excluding Atlantic. GM and head coach Wayne Giordano was brought in to change that with his five cup wins but is 63 years old. The last few years have been up and down with this year being his best. Coaching: The first step for Giordano was to hire Matt Dutton as offensive coordinator and head coach in waiting. Steve Ritchie was also a priority to get the defense to a championship level. Offence: Giordano signed free agent QB Anthony Brady from the Toros two years ago after replacing injured Donald Graves and leading the two their second cup. Brady has come on this season after struggling in his first full season as the starter. Brandon Vonn is a competent rusher that catches a lot of passes. Lemar Fuller & Matt Van Doorne are very good combo at WR probably just behind Regina & Toronto. The offensive line needs to fill some holes but has a solid C in Alex Olson. Defence: The defence for the Wolves is really strong sporting the only two defensive players of the year on the same team with DE Jamar Woods and LB Will Wells. They also sport the two best DB tandem in the league with Domonique Mixon and Corey McDonald. Logos: The primary is a howling wolf while the secondary is stylized W that had been used as primary for many years.
  4. Up next is the last team which has one of my favorite color schemes when used right Brown & Golden Yellow.
  5. Thanks I struggled with the BC Knights logo & I was struggling with some teams in the Spring League I am working on so I thought maybe Vancouver would be better name then thought Crusaders would be a better name than Knights so I ended up killing two birds with one stone. I dropped Columbus Crusaders as a team in the Spring League & brought back the old Akron Arrows which also gave me a story.
  6. These are really solid identities I really like the presentation. Great Job! I would like to do something like this for my fictional leagues.
  7. VANCOUVER CRUSADERS Founded 1949 Based In Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Home Field BC Place Head Coach Ron Patrick General Manager Eric Walters Owner(s) Ed Fraley Colours Red, Blue, & White Canada's Cup 4 Brief History: Vancouver has been a very average team at least in winning percentage as they are right at .500 for their entire existence. Two of their cup wins came with the teams only having 8-10 and 10-8 records. The last two seasons have been only slightly better under former QB Ron Patrick as the team has went 18-14-1. Their best year came in 2005 when they had 14 wins and won the Cup with Patrick as QB. Coaching: Head coach Ron Patrick is a beloved creature in Vancouver so if the team does not do well most of the blame goes to his assistants. The one that gets the most heat is veteran offensive coordinator Mike Hoffman but defensive coordinator Brad Nelson does get his share of the blame as well. Offence: QB Malcolm Jones is the former first round pick of the MLF's San Francisco Hawks in 2007. He only started two games in 2007 before tearing up his knee and never could beat out Anthony Blake for the job after coming back from injury. He also never got back to the QB he was pre-injury so all other MLF teams opted not to pick him up in 2010. The last six seasons he has been a consistent player in the CFA with the only problem being his interceptions last season he had 25 this season he has 19. RB Curtis Logan is considered the best at his position but at age 29 is starting to slow down. The line is good with G Nate King leading the way. WR Terrell Spencer is young but really blossoming while Ryan Zinski is a great third down target. Defence: DE Jabari Hubbs is really strong pass rusher while Rico Knox is a sideline to sideline type of LB. CB Shaq Lee is the most controversial player in the league and has been fined several times for a multitude of transgressions. He is also arguably the most talented player on team at any position. Logos: The primary is a shield with a V and a crusaders cross in the middle.
  8. Not sure I may but right now I probably will not... Just don't have that amount of time... I also am working on the spring league which I will post soon...
  9. Actually 20 teams had secondary logos in the MLF because Cleveland added one late. The NFL only has 13 teams with a secondary logo that does not include a helmet logo or their primary somewhere in it. I have always liked the logo of the Rhinos but that one I struggled with for sure. I do like the Toros identity but they would not have worked in the MLF because of the Houston Bulls as a matter of fiction, the MLF did cause some legal trouble with the CFA when they debuted the new logo and identity in 2006 but it was dropped when the MLF could not explain why they never filed suit about Toronto's old primary logo which was very similar. That would be the only real change to the MLF which I probably will update once I decide which city gets the franchise and if they will change the identity from the Rhinos. I am not sold on that one yet at all but I am pretty sure it will be Las Vegas because the Stars owner Marc D'Angelo is not going to give up his complete control of LA easily. He is also the most powerful owner in the league which really hurts the chances of another team in LA especially since he helped fund a spring football team called the Los Angeles Vipers. The San Antonio Stampeders of the spring league would probably keep their identity if by the long shot they were chosen as the relocation city.
  10. TORONTO TOROS Founded 1882 Based In Toronto, Ontario, Canada Home Field BMO Field Head Coach Marcellus Reed General Manager Ray Armstrong Owner(s) Northtel Communications & Ray Armstrong(minority owner) Colours Toronto Blue, Gray, & White Canada's Cup 11 Brief History: Toronto is the oldest franchise in the CFA even though the club folded after the 2000 season because of the MLF expanding into Canada with the Toronto Rhinos.. The Rhinos have never caught on with the fan base because of bad management and many losing seasons. It is expected they will relocate in the next year to Las Vegas, San Antonio, or Los Angeles. For 25 years until 1990 the Toros were coached by the all time CFA wins leader Les Snyder who also has won the most Cups with six. The years following were very forgettable culminating with the loss of the team when fan support weakened. In 2003 a petition made the rounds titled bring back "The Big Blue" which resulted in the CFA announcing in 2005 they would expand by two teams in the next ten years. In 2006 the Toronto Toros were resurrected when telecommunication giant Northtel Communications agreed to be the majority owner. Ray Armstrong, the all time winningest coach of the Winnipeg Wolves was hired to be the GM, and he immediately hired former Syracuse University head coach Jim Matthews as his head coach. Matthews went on to lead the team to the 2007, 2010, 2013, 2014, & 2015 Canada's Cup. A power struggle with Armstrong and Matthews has went on the last few years culminating in Matthews departure to the expansion Atlantic Mariners. Matthews was given the job of GM and coach after Armstrong decided to take the GM and coach position for Atlantic but changed his mind when he was offered minority ownership of the Toros. In a surprising move Armstrong hired DB coach Marcellus Reed to be head coach. Coaching: Reed was expected to hire a veteran offensive coordinator but instead promoted QB coach Carson Creenan to the position. They did hire away Vancouver's defensive coordinator Cam Spencer to run the defense. The staff has been praised this season with going 9-1 to start the season but have also been maligned the last five weeks going 1-4 losing three straight. Offence: 38 year old QB Donald Graves is one of the most accurate passers in CFA history but tore his ACL in the eleventh game of the season. Backup Cody Tyler went 1-1 replacing him as a starter but hurt his shoulder and is not expected to be back until the last game of the season. Rookie Ryan Brannen has lost both of his starts. RB Travon Sutton has not replaced last years Cup MVP Will Powers but is an effective runner. WR's Adonis Walker & Tori Richards are considered the best WR duo in the league only rivaled by Regina's duo of Wright & Watt. They have a great offensive line anchored by All-CFA Everton McKay. Defense: The defense has helped them stay in games since Graves was injured. Sack master DE Solomon Mitchell has not had the numbers in sack he usually does but he is still a force. All-CFA talents LB Korey Macey & DB Chris McClendon have are considered some of the best at their positions. Logos: The logo is a T with horns coming out each side.
  11. Thanks I did not think about the Federals on this one I was actually was going for the Eagles old colors & came up with this! I think if you liked the Capitals road unis you are going to like Vancouver's look then!
  12. REGINA RAIDERS Founded 1903 Based In Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Home Field Mosiac Stadium At Taylor Field Head Coach Michael Jones General Manager David Kilmer Owner(s) Regina Raiders Football Club (Community Shared Owned) Colours Silver, Green, & White Canada's Cup 4 Brief History: The Regina Rugby Football Club is the third oldest CFA franchise. Playing in a small market has always led to some struggles but Regina has always stayed in the black. In 1937 Regina offense was called the "Air Raid" as they were really reliant on the deep pass that season. The following year they were renamed the Regina Raiders. They have made several finals of the Canada's Cup championship game but had not won it until 1985. One great season they had was led by former Boston Admirals of the MLF QB John Breaux that ended in a Cup win. GM David Kilmer has built a strong team led by 42 year old head coach Michael Jones. Coaching: Jones is one of two minority head coaches in the CFA. Former Vancouver head coach Kit Cameron is a very good offensive coordinator while defensive coordinator Chris Washington is an emerging star in the ranks of coaching. Offence: QB Leon Joseph is having a career year with 33 TD's & only 8 Ints. They have the one of the best WR duos in Odell Wright and Terrance Watt. The running game is capable with RB Jerome Scott but he excels at catching the ball out of the backfield. The line is also pretty strong let by Jermarcus Fulton. Defence: The defense has been strong holding teams to the third best points against in the league. The main reasons are the play of DT Darius Adams, LB Derrell Jackson, & CB Brandon Vaughn. Logos: The logo is an R with motion lines inside an oval which was redesigned in the 1997. The old R logo in a circle is still beloved by fans & is used on the throwbacks.
  13. Yes it is supposed to look like a crown & M at the same time. Just something I could envision when I came up with the name Montreal Monarchs. Monarchs has been the name of the team for as long as I can remember. Hamilton Huskies, Winnipeg Wolves are the only other two names that have remained all of these years. Some of the other names I had was BC Knights, Edmonton Explorers, Toronto Titans-Bulls over the years.
  14. no comments or anything? I have had a lot of likes but just curious what people really think so far just four more teams. I may take today off & post tomorrow.