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  1. I would just use a shape of the leaf with NFA put in it with no shield at the bottom. I would use the thinner letters for sure & the Red & Black color scheme or just Red & White.
  2. Patrick Peterson Drawing

    great work I would have sworn you just put in photoshop & played with the photo! I could not imagine how much time you put into this!
  3. WWE Royal Rumble 2016

    AJ Styles is one of my favorite wrestlers ever I just think he is "phenomenal" pun intended... I think they have gave AJ major props so far not sure the last time I can remember where they have treated someone they did not create this well... They need to capitalize on it tonight...
  4. WWE Royal Rumble 2016

    its kinda funny he looks like Mel Gibson a little there
  5. WWE Royal Rumble 2016

    I feel alot of that has to do with the way they are booked in general not just Reigns... They give no reason why this wrestler does this or that one does this... They kind of just throw it out there most of the time without a real story...
  6. WWE Royal Rumble 2016

    I think it is setting up for Triple H to win the title at the rumble then Reigns to take back the title at mania...
  7. Star Wars Movie Thread

    totally agree I avoided this thread until I watched it which was the Saturday morning after it released but I just knew I would see something which I did not want to do... Anyone who has not watched it by now you should not be reading this if you are actually going to watch it....
  8. Star Wars Movie Thread

    I was just curious is there anyone who did not like this movie... I have never even thought about going to watch a movie again in the theater but I think my son & I are going too...
  9. Star Wars Movie Thread

    Great Movie! I loved every second of it.. I was lost in their world which is what I am looking for in my entertainment! My wife & kids loved it as well... My wife & daughter are not even fans of the movies but loved this one... I have actually have more appreciation for the prequels over the years but still think they were some missed opportunities... I new that I would never like them as much because I pretty much new what was going to happen... My Rankings 1. ROTJ 2. TFA 3. ESB 4. ANH 5. ROTS 6. AOTC 7. TPM
  10. Nike NFL "Color Rush" uniforms?

    I do like the Bucs jersey better than the regular just not paired like they were last night
  11. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    My wife said last night it looks like they are wearing tights when she saw them.... She said it looks funny.... The socks kill it for sure but full color socks kills any look to me... Did anyone see the punter last night that had the white part on his socks??? I think it was the Rams I wonder if he will get fined for that....
  12. NFL Changes 2015

    Yeah I do not see it either especially if on color uniforms the tread pattern or whatever shows up more.
  13. NFL Changes 2015

    Looks like they stole some Adidas designers to come up with their version of the tire treads...
  14. WWE TLC: Tables | Ladders | Chairs 【2015】

    I fixed it for you I did not hate the last segment it just made no sense... And it had nothing to do with what Roman or Sheamus did but what they came up for them to do.... The League Of Nations should have been involved but the storytelling is just not there.
  15. WWE TLC: Tables | Ladders | Chairs 【2015】

    I thought Roman showed a lot of improvement... I think he is doing well but the storytelling is putrid... Not one thing that happens is logical or well thought out in WWE anymore.... Like someone already wrote you would think they were setting up the Survivor Series.... The League Of Nations is a good idea but just when there grouped together then when they are by themselves they are no longer friends... Just dumb no continuity and thus no storytelling....