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  1. dorshak

    UFC Thread

    Punk looked confused, slow, and tired throughout the fight. That was equivalent to Undertaker matches now.
  2. dorshak

    Braves Alternate Hat

    And then there's TC for Minnesota which I always found unique but strange.
  3. dorshak

    Land of 10,000 Concepts (But Probably Less)

    Small but very important improvements
  4. dorshak

    NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    Both Falcons logos try too hard. To be honest, I just thought it was a weird F with a bird head before I even comprehended that it was a Falcon flying.
  5. dorshak

    2018 NFL Offseason

    *Puts on tinfoil hat* Because your concept of time is different as you get older and time may be accelerating because of the expanding universe. Duh.
  6. dorshak

    2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    I've heard rumors around here that Minnesota was so impressed with Nick Foles that they are considering trading another 1st and 4th round pick to the Eagles.
  7. dorshak

    2018 NFL Offseason

    For those that were wondering... Moss: 218 Games / 982 Receptions / 15292 Yards / 156 TDs Owens: 219 Games / 1087 Receptions / 15934 Yards / 153 TDs Johnson: 166 Games / 766 Receptions / 11059 Yards / 67 TDs
  8. dorshak

    2017 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Philadelphia vs. New England
  9. dorshak

    The XFL may be making a comeback

    Would Toronto and Mexico City be good places to put teams or would that ruin the All-American, Patriotic, Don't Tread on Me, Guns Blazing potential appeal of XFL?
  10. dorshak

    2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    As a Vikings fan, I'm torn about last week's finish. Part of me wishes Kai would have just missed the field goal to end the season. The game was so embarrassing. It reminded me of the 2013 team that got stomped on most weeks.
  11. dorshak

    2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Ugh. I blame the Steelers for letting Harrison go.
  12. dorshak

    2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Please run the ball Jeez
  13. dorshak

    2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    The punch out fumble defensive play is one of my favorite things to watch in football.