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  1. Fear the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow.
  2. Finally got around to watching UpUpDownDown and it's so fun to see them all having a good time together.
  3. I think the belt design works really well, but the purple leather is bold and brash.
  4. There's a reason why being in your prime ends around your lower 30s. I'm not an expert on UFC, but to be older than the majority of the fighters while also having minimum experience was an absolute disaster waiting to happen. The fact that UFC let him fight and made a massive profit off of him is ethically troubling.
  5. TJP with another upset over the fan favorite. He's definitely underrated, while I think Sabre is overrated. ZSJ is really good, but people act like he's the next or even better than Bret Hart/Kurt Angle.
  6. When you get to play Chicago twice, Detroit twice, NFC East teams, and AFC South teams a conservative passing game from your QB might be all you need. Definitely not a recipe for success, but this year I think it works out for the Vikings.
  7. Bradford will be just fine in Minnesota. AP and the defense will win ball games.
  8. It feels like Charlotte has regressed in her wrestling ability.
  9. Who did 'Game Night' piss off backstage? That was an atrocious loss/burial.