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  1. 2016 WWE Battleground

    But what did WWE do to make Smackdown competitive with Raw besides give them Cena? What makes each show different than the other? It might as well be WWE The Good Red Show vs. WWE The Average Blue Show.
  2. 2016 WWE Battleground

    This Brand Extension gave me so much hope. The Draft had so much potential too. They somehow managed to mess everything up. Just a bunch of garbage right now. So many problems with the current situation.
  3. 2016 WWE Battleground

    So Raw gets a better tag team division, better women's division, and potentially a cruiserweight division... There has to be some sort of trade that has to happen after a couple weeks. Cesaro even said he would be a better fit on Smackdown. The picks just don't make sense if you go with the storyline. Why would Raw draft Roman? Why would Smackdown draft Orton? NXT tag team scene needs another revamp. They've lost Lucha Dragons, SAWFT, Vaudevillians, Hype Bros, and now American Alpha. Did people really think they were going to call up Nakamura and Bayley?
  4. 2016 WWE Battleground

    Some of the Battleground flags are on WWE Shop, if any one was wondering.
  5. 2016 WWE Battleground

    Why can't Raw/Smackdown both be two hours? Foley is Raw!
  6. Worst injuries you ever saw

    During one of my college baseball games, a teammate squared for a bunt. The pitcher threw up and in, as most are told to do. The ball ended up in the guys face before he could turn his head back. The fastball broke his nose, and we had to stop the game for about an hour. It was a pretty big mess around home plate.
  7. 2016 WWE Battleground

    He had a gimmick where he would grab a carpet and hit the frog splash in Steel Domain Wrestling (MN). The 'Magic Carpet Ride' was an interesting spot for sure. I never would have imagined him being at this level after watching him in person. He's much smoother compared to when I watched him live. He reminds me of a "psycho stage" Randy Orton now. Should have went over boring Hoho.
  8. 2016 WWE Battleground

    Meh. Looks more like blue 'Raw' than 'Impact' rip-off.
  9. Pokémon Go Thread

    I plan on getting it as soon as the servers are cooperating properly.
  10. 2016 WWE Battleground

    Yikes. Vince was pretty brutal on commentary back in the day. Just very stale and repetitive.
  11. 2016 WWE Battleground

    I watched the first Stone Cold Podcast and he had a great quote for the Roman Reigns debacle. "As a promoter, that said to me, you don't have a magic wand that you can just make someone be over. Now, you can put the jet pack on someone and put the rocket booster on them and send them with some forward momentum. But therein lies what they have to bring." Of course Vince responds with some cliche garbage that he doesn't believe about the fans, charisma, and work ethic.
  12. 2016 WWE Battleground

    Dean is sneaky funny. Cena took a rough bump on the stage.
  13. 2016 WWE Battleground

    Maybe they'll make Brock not look like he was stung in the face by a bunch of bees now.
  14. 2016 WWE Money in the Bank

    Reigns no sells everything. Cena at least takes some bumps...
  15. 2016 WWE Money in the Bank

    Phoenix esta muy caliente.