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  1. Vince television appearances will be in the single digits until he finally hangs it up.
  2. I can't take the Raw women serious anymore. They're awkward when they are not wrestling and they are repetitive when they are wrestling.
  3. Finally.
  4. A great match but it received way too much hype. Some people think it's the greatest match ever. I would call those people wrong though.
  5. Anybody a fan of Elias Samson? I really like his comedic gimmick, but I believe I'm in the minority.
  6. Crowd would go nuts if Reigns got speared.
  7. They won't change a major title until Raw has the WWE Championship back. They'll keep it as it is now. The Universal title will have a black strap with blue streak under the W for SmackDown.
  8. Well...
  9. I know there's still one more PPV left this year, but what would you guys say is the WWE Match of the Year? I still think Zayn vs. Nakamura is at the top. Probably because I'd never seen Shinsuke before though...
  10. I find Orton much more interesting when he's paired up with Wyatt. He doesn't have to talk as much, and I don't get tired of his matches so quickly. I'm sure he's okay with the tag team because it's a lot less stress on him. Randy seems like a guy who gets bored quickly, so I hope they ride this angle out.
  11. The Japan crowd is so quiet. That has to be tough wrestling in front them because there is rarely any feedback.
  12. That has to be the latest Raw has gone for quite some time.