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  1. Minneapolis is pretty vocal tonight. It's nice to hear.
  2. Punctuation is your friend.
  3. Jericho's List is the most over thing in WWE. I hope they let the JeriKO friendship last into Survivor Series.
  4. Isn't that kind of the point of the champion heel though? To be extremely arrogant that it sometimes costs them matches? They're not giving Ellsworth the title, so all the criticism from people is unnecessary. Styles will be champion until at least Royal Rumble.
  5. Three superstars to the winning brand seems a little too much. One draft pick for each win in the series makes more sense to me. You could theoretically destroy the other brand with three picks, especially if they draft Owens, Styles, Ziggler, Reigns, Charlotte, and Becky...
  6. Talking Smack continues to amaze me. They're so efficient on SmackDown with their time. Raw needs to invest in "Raw Talk" instead of the extra hour immediately.
  7. 4 Games with the Vikings and this is all they have for Bradford
  8. The Panthers are officially dead.
  9. It's really cool to see Daivari in WWE after watching him perform in front of less than one hundred people at the Richfield American Legion. Who knew?
  10. So Raw just needs the extra hour for squash matches?
  11. Looks like that Sam Bradford trade worked out for the Vikings so far. Never ... EVER underestimate a great defense ... AGAIN.
  12. Fear the Rainbow. Taste the Rainbow.
  13. Finally got around to watching UpUpDownDown and it's so fun to see them all having a good time together.
  14. I think the belt design works really well, but the purple leather is bold and brash.