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  1. Taker reminds me of Randy "The Ram" Robinson now. Not good.
  2. Dana Brooke might be the worst wrestler in WWE.
  3. Hopefully, a full twenty minute match for the main event. Should be interesting since Orton does not enjoy stiff matches while Styles encourages them.
  4. The Undertaker broke the only rule of Monday Night Raw... Always make Roman look strong.
  5. Goldberg cost Lesnar the title against Eddie Guerrero at No Way Out 2004 though, so I'm not sure if there's that much booking logic.
  6. I think we need to take a look at the mean(s) of the wrestlers, not necessarily the actual rankings. The first two eras look solid. Next two eras are rather sporadic. Last era looks pretty good.
  7. "You see, I never had to call myself the best in the world; other people said it for me." -Jericho
  8. That's another meaning for babyface commentator.
  9. Every Talking Smack that I have watched has been entertaining. It's really nice to see.
  10. Decades would seem like an easier thing to do compared to promotion. I'd love to help even though my wrestling knowledge and insight before 2000 is rather limited.
  11. Mysterio vs. RVD vs. Hardy vs. Kingston vs. Edge vs. Benjamin in a spot-fest ladder match to kick off the show.
  12. Teddy Long is getting inducted into the Hall of Fame. I can't wait to see El Torito, the winningest WWE wrestler of all time, inducted some day.
  13. There's too many pin attempts. It makes big moves seem unimportant. (Sami Zayn's Blue Thunder Bomb comes to mind. I've never seen him win with it recently, but he always acts like the match should be over.) Has anyone ever lost because of a non-finisher type move cleanly? I don't need a 2.875 count every pin simply because the match is over 10 minutes long. Elimination Chamber was an excellent treat though.