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  1. I've never been a big travel fan for some reason. I don't mind traveling if someone plans things out or invites me along, but I've never been all that proactive about it myself. That being said, I do have a couple places I'd like to visit someday: - Oceania (specifically New Zealand and Australia, but I wouldnt mind looking into the whole Polynesian islands thing) - Japan (I actually went years ago, but the trip was sort of a disaster: constant rain/bad weather, cancelled tours, got sick, et al.; I really just want a mulligan) - Pacific Northwest (Portland/Seattle/Vancouver) - Route 66 (been thru a couple stretches of it incidentally, but one day would kinda like to travel the whole thing) - Cross-Continental Train Ride (I've always liked trains, and I've seen people who have done this online, so I feel like it'd be kinda cool) - UK (my interest in visiting seems to decline every year; maybe b/c it's become so overly exposed in like TV/movies/media that I feel like there isn't much left for me to anticipate) - Germany/Netherlands/Northern Europe (dunno, just seems cool)
  2. Office politics suddenly ramped up to like 11 this week. One of the executive directors unexpectedly stepped down (though the word is, he was forced out) and that's caused a snowball effect in upper management in my division. Bunch of people who were hired during the now-former director's tenure subsequently revealed they were jumping ship to other companies (which makes us think this has been brewing under the table for awhile). Have no idea what's going to happen now with so many higher ups in one division essentially leaving at the same time. The infrastructure was already kinda fragile, and now it's basically on the edge. Plus the former director's duties are going to be temporarily handled by one of the other directors who's kinda known to be uh, "not so nice." Everything's just so fresh, no one knows what to think and that uncertainty is grinding my gears.
  3. Thats been my general philosophy too. I've got a couple of work colleagues that became true friends and I'm cool with that. I don't really care about the rest. There are a couple of seasonal work gatherings (e.g., holiday party, summer BBQ, etc) the company has traditionally been holding annually, but they really saw a decline in participation this last year. Had a large influx of young, fresh out of school, workers this past year who were clamoring for more social activities, yet they're the ones that never come when we do host stuff.
  4. People no showing or cancelling last minute for meetups and social events. People in my department at work complain how our comraderie is sorta lacking, yet every time we set something up, it's always the same few people that end up coming (and they're not the ones complaining about lack of comraderie). There's always a lot of no shows, and recently there have been a lot of late cancellations. It's just frustrating and making me think it's a waste of time. Also at work, people keep complaining about wanting some changes here and there, yet every time we try to get a committee going to address these issues, none of the people calling for change show up. Again, it's just a lot of frustration and annoyance.
  5. So in the almost 3 weeks since, I think I'm ready to just let it go. We've met up once or twice for a quick coffee during impromptu work breaks, but it was rushed and kind of forced. It's just too much work for such little return. That, and the fact that actual busy season at work is going to ramp up in earnest soon so I don't think things are going to get any better. I think the mutual attraction may still be there, but it's gotten buried by too much outside stuff. Think I'm just gonna pull back and forget about things for now. Funny thing is, I recently met a friend of a friend (well, more like acquaintance) last week that came to town for a job interview. They asked if I could check in on her while she was here. We ended up getting lunch and spending about half the day together after her interview and I felt like we had instant chemistry. Granted, it was short and it was a different situation, but that just kinda reminded me how fun and relatively effortless this should all be. I'm kicking myself right about now for not actually getting her number before she left. I mean, I guess I could ask my acquaintance, but the chances that she actually moves here are pretty slim, so I don't think there's much of a point. For one, she lives out of state so I feel like she can find someplace closer to home, and two, the job she applied for doesn't pay all that well relatively-speaking. Anyway, this experience just reminded me that things shouldn't require so much effort, and I just need to find someone more available.
  6. So I met this new girl just under 2 months ago and I feel like we really hit it off. We both have really busy work schedules, but we managed to go out a couple of times early on. But then the holidays hit and things kinda went on the backburner as she, then I, basically alternated being on vacation. One top of that, right after the holidays, we both separately got super swamped with work. As a result, I dont think we've physically seen each other in nearly a month. Yet we've been in pretty consistent contact (texts, social media, etc) during this time. We've already compared work schedules, and there really isn't much common free time except maybe at the very end of the month. The problem I'm having is trying to figure out what this is and where, whatever it is, is going. I do feel like there's mutual interest, but we literally cannot seem to find time to see each other to build on it. What would you all do in this situation? P.S. I'm just gonna come out and admit it, but I don't exactly have a line of women waiting to date me. It's not like I'm missing opportunities waiting around on this girl. I'm still going out, meeting new people, putting myself out there, but nothing else is really clicking. That's why I've been okay with this protracted "interested" phase. I just don't know if I'm barking up the wrong tree or if I should try to "define" things sooner than later.
  7. the star logo reminds of this: maybe they can team up and cross-promote with the new Power Rangers movie haha.
  8. Let me preface this with saying that I'm nowhere near the whole marriage/wedding thing yet, but I have entertained the whole "who would I pick as a groomsmen" question recently thanks to one of my friends getting engaged. I'm one of those guys who has a lot of acquaintances and casual friends, but only a handful of close guy friends, and it seems only at any one given time period [eg, during high school, college, work, etc.]. That would potentially make picking out groomsmen tricky as I seem to be in and out of people's lives a lot, instead of being a constant presence. That means I've lost touch with a number of really close guy friends in the past. On the other hand, as they just seem better at keeping in touch, I have a couple of really close platonic female friends who I could potentially see as "groomsmaids." I know that's become a thing nowadays, but I've yet to actually see it at any of the weddings I've been to, and kinda wonder how widely practiced it actually is and if anyone here has done that before?
  9. Been waiting on a package to get delivered, and the one day I'm able to get off early to go claim it at my apartment's front desk, THEY close early. Ugh, this is why I hate the holidays sometimes...
  10. TL;DR: She's not going to date you, and for the sake of your job I would leave it alone and let her go. You're either in or you're out, and it doesn't go both ways. Don't give her the satisfaction of having a friendship outside of being coworkers. Don't fall for that validation bullcrap where you accept being some back-pocket option. Decisively end the relationship, especially in your own mind, and pursue another. Not that I was avoiding her or anything, but after getting over things for the most part, I realized I hadn't seen my coworker at the office in awhile so I tapped into the office gossip out of curiosity. Apparently, her crazy controlling ex came into town like a week ago just to "visit" and she's been essentially "working from home" since (and making herself really scarce). Not sure what happened exactly (I hope it's not anything sinister), but rumors are that she basically shut down emotionally or something to the point that she's barely talking to anybody. I don't really know any of the finer details, but it kinda puts her reasoning for "not being ready to date" into perspective. And kinda scary how some relationships can get that traumatic.
  11. Update about my situation with coworker (see post #3903 on page 196 for more details). Quick rundown: we first went out almost a month ago wherein we spend like 6 hours together on our first date. We agreed on a second date but our work schedule/holidays kept delaying it, but we talked/texted like everyday inbetween (including when she went traveling for her holidays). Anyway, I think everything's going great leading up to what should've been our second date when she outta the blue today texts me that she's not ready for this. Gave the excuse about breaking up with a long term boyfriend right before starting work here and being hit on constantly by other coworkers and not knowing what she wants at this stage of her life/career and just not being ready to date (I dont really believe this sort of excuse in general). Obviously, this doesn't sit well with me. I kinda just stopped texting back, but this just annoys/angers me. I mean, what is a girl getting from tthis when they string a guy along for so long? I mean, I feel like I was reading all the signs appropriately: she constantly texted me nearly everyday for the last month; would reveal personal details about her family (including sharing photos) totally unsolicited, and agreed on a second date even when she had mentioned she had rejected two other coworkers previously. I don't know, it's just this sudden aboutface that has me reeling. I seriously thought this one could've been special. I don't know. I know what I should do (cut off communication and move on). But what do y'all think? What were yall's experiences with a similar situation? (kinda just want some comfort or maybe constructive criticism about this whole crappy situation)
  12. Yeah, it doesnt look so much as mischievous as it does "creepy and pervy," especially with the new winky face. I also like the base idea, but they have to improve it.
  13. I've never been the most articulate with these things, but what phrasing would I use to ask so it's not totally awkward? I imagine being too forward like, "Do you like me?" isn't going to fly. Or does the standard "I had fun last night, do you want to do it again?" imply enough? I honestly dont know.
  14. Just got back from my date with my coworker. Originally planned for dinner and a movie but things kinda took a detour. Dinner ended up lasting 3 hours because we lost track of time talking. As a result, we missed the movie, but ended up going somewhere else and getting some coffee, only to end up talking for another 3 hours. Needless to say, we covered a lot of topics, but it still felt like there was so much more left to touch upon. Ended up dropping her off at her place with a hug before making it home. We lost ourselves in 6 hours of nearly constant conversation. Learned so much about her, and I liked just about everything I heard. The only reservation I had though was what I learned about some of our fellow coworkers: apparently, a number of other guys (including a manager in a relationship) at work have been hitting on her, and some have been taking it borderline too far. As a result, she's been trying to pull away from her group of work friends and trying to start anew. So what's my reservation exactly? Well, mainly, I'm not sure how she sees me. We talked quite a bit about relationships and how a lot of outside friends have been getting married and having kids, et al. We kinda hovered around that subject without really nailing it down. And now I'm wondering/worrying that she may just want to be friends with me b/c of all those other work guys she thought were her friends hitting on her. I dont know, maybe she was tired, but her body language was also pretty neutral: not moving away when I got closer, but also not leaning in. I dont know. It's late and maybe I'm overthinking this. I want to see her again, but how should I go about doing that without seeming too pushy? Again, I want to try and convey my interest in a romantic relationship, and don't want to get "friendzoned," but I'm afraid all she may want is a friend at this time given all the apparent drama at work with the other guys
  15. Haha, yeah, I've heard that advice before, but tbh, I really don't have many other options or opportunities. I moved to a mid-sized "country" town surrounded by a whole lot of nothing for work. The dating pool outside of my coworkers isnt very deep. Hell, it's hard enough to even meet people in a different department in the same company. I mean, the locals are nice enough, but I'm not exactly into the dive bar scene that basically accounts for the majority of the social scene in town. Plus, I doubt I'll have much luck finding a local at random that gets my geeky side with the lack of non-drinking activities around here.